Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Deck the Halls: Girl's room edition

I love love love this time of year.  It's just the best and I think we can all agree having kids makes it just a bajillion times more magical.

I always cannot wait to decorate the house for Christmas and pretty much beg Steve from the middle of November to take all the boxes down for me.  I think almost as much as I love decorating the tree...decorating the girl's rooms comes in a prettttty close second.  I started when Brynn was celebrating her first Christmas, and have just added a little to it each year as the years have passed.  
I love the festiveness a few Christmasy touches add to their rooms.  Not to mention their excitement seeing it all. 

I bought this little tree for Brynn's nursery when she was teeny tiny, she loves going to bed with the lights glowing each night.  We also make an ornament each day with our advent calendar activities that she hangs on it.  Think sissy will need one for next year when she is old enough to make them also.

These sweet red and gold crib sheets were sewn by my mom and used for Brynn's first Christmas, this year we passed them down to little sis :)  She is currently sewing some fun pillow cases for Brynn's big girl bed.

Jolie is obsessed with books, so often she wanders off and i find her just plopped down "reading."

Oh how I love this view!  They make Christmas so special!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We are coming off a Thanksgiving weekend high!  Can't believe it is Monday already, although a great Monday it has been!

We woke up Thanksgiving morning and I made my traditional Thanksgiving turkey cinnamon rolls.  I have to say this is the very first year that Brynn showed super excitement over this!  If you look back at past pictures her expressions are pretty comical.

Steve played football early Thanksgiving morning with some church guys, so I laid Jolie down for her morning nap and Brynn and I watched the parade together.  

Around 12ish we headed out to my moms house to have dinner around four.  We all hung out, enjoyed drinks and appetizers.  Brynn and I helped my mom with dinner, she always loves helping in the kitchen...& the older she gets the more I am loving this stage of having a little helper friend always by my side.  

We fried our turkey for the first year ever after talking about it for years.  The boys were in charge an they did a great job! Best turkey everrrrr, there is seriously no going back now.

Dinner was perfect, as always my mom knocked it out of the park.  Brynn announced the blessing for us, which always makes me so proud of her.  And even Jolie at 14 months puts her hands together and says AAAAAA really loud for amen!  Love those sweet girls.

We all left sooo full, even too full for dessert believe it or not.

Full bellies and hearts.  So much to be thankful for.  All I ever wanted in life was to be a stay at home mommy, & more specifically a girl mommy.  God has blessed me with all I have ever wanted and more.  Thankful for a husband that loves us majorly and works so hard to provide for us.  Brynn and Jolie who make my heart burst with happiness and love...who made me learn that love knows no limits, and just when I think I can't love anymore.. I fall more and more in love with them with each passing day.  My family that loves, and supports me, always there for me and loves my children so selflessly.
& of course our Lord and Savior who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

So very, very thankful.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This and That

It's been awhile since I have done a mish mosh post of this and that.  And sometimes those are my favorite ones to look back on.  Just random little things that I don't want to forget about these little girls who are growing way to fast.

School time
School has been going great.  I started letting Brynn pick and choose different times of the day when she feels like doing school instead of a set time frame and thats working much better.  She knows all her letters and sounds, we are practicing writing them now. She can write her name now..and her cutting has gotten so good...I love watching her excel at things that she couldn't do a month or two before.  

No more bottles:
With Brynn I was so strict and took away the bottle pretty much the day she turned one, but with Jolie I have been trying to hold on to her being a baby so much longer.  I finally ditched the bottle last week and she didn't even bat an eye. Time is flying.

Speaking of time flying...I can't stop looking at this picture of Brynn.

Gosh she is getting so big.

with each passing day the girls are playing better and better together.  I love watching them become best friends.  and let's face it, its nice to be able to sit back and watch sometimes...or get some chores done.

Hair salon, tea parties and barbies on repeat.

Girly girl:
Brynn is about all things girly.  She is obsessed with doing makeup and nails and these little drawings of pretend customers for her to make up have been such a hit.  They keep her busy for hours and she requests this several times a week.

Speaking of girly...anyone who knows Brynn knows its next to impossible to get her to wear anything other than a dress.  Like it takes so much convincing.  And it doesn't stop at that...if the dress doesn't twirl good..forget it. melt down city. Getting her dressed these days is a chore with much patience involved on my end.


I was able to make jeans super exciting by saying she got her first pair of big girl jeans like mommy and Grammy and well that made her super all about it! And man if these don't make her look like she is ready for kindergarten! Hold me!


This dancing Santa at Wal-Mart is my kids obsession.  We have to go weekly to visit him.
Brynn is so excited to go see Santa at the mall and tell him what she wants...

Which is a big girl bike! This is allllll she has been able to talk about for months.  I have never seen her want anything so badly.  I think its the first thing that she has actually asked for specifically.
We test drive them every time we go to the store.


I can't believe Thanksgiving is already next week.  Man, November is flying.
So thankful for these two little turkeys who give me a run for my money every day.
They make everything better.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween 2016

October flew by, Halloween has come and gone..and as I sit here writing this I am already listening to Christmas music.  No shame.

We definitely jam packed last week full of Halloween fun!
We did lots of crafts.

Then, Friday we had our annual Halloween friend play date party.

Friday night we had our church trunk or treat.  We decorated our car like a dalmatian and the girls went as dalmatian puppies as well.

Sunday night we had friends and family over to carve pumpkins.  I was surprised with how into it the girls were.  They both dove right in there.  We did our pumpkin as cinderella's carriage and I was quite impressed with the turn out.

Halloween day I did my best to fill it to the brim with fun.
I started the day with some vampire pancakes.

Then, we made Halloween popcorn and watched a spooky movie, followed by another movie and lunch picnic.

Next up was a BOO bath with orange water and bugs.

Finally, it was time for the big night.  My mom brought over a crockpot of chili for everyone for dinner (a tradition now). My parents, brother and his girlfriend,  our friend meg and her daughter Sofia and my friend Gena all came over for the fun to see the kids dressed up.

We let Brynn choose our costumes this year.  She loves all princesses so I knew we would end up something Disney.  She specifically wanted Steve to be King Triton and me Ursula.  And as much as I asked to be Sebastian Brynn was dead set on me being Ursula. It's Brynn's world and we just live in it...  Sooo, Lilly ended up being Sebastian and Jojo-Flounder.

I am so in love with how it all turned out.  & a big shout out to my hubby for always going all out.  He may not always be totally down with our choices, but he embraces it and goes with it full force. I mean he is in a mermaid tail for goodness sakes :) He also always makes his costumes 100 % himself.  My mom and I worked on Brynn and Jolie's for hours over the course of several days.  All sewn 100% by us.  I hope one day the girls will look back at all these Halloween pictures from their childhood and see all the love and that it will bring them fond memories.

Brynn is normally all about dressing up, but also gets a little shy when all eyes are on her.  She loved her costume, but definitely took a little work  getting her to come out of her room.  She eventually warmed up and had so much fun trick or treating.  Her manners were so good and I was such a proud mommy.  She also did a great job introducing her sister and helping her get her pieces too.

Jolie was just as cute as can be.  I loved seeing her walk around with her little pumpkin that was half her size.  She did a few houses and then enjoyed being pulled around in her wagon while eating dum dums.

It was another great Halloween for the Balogh family.