Monday, October 3, 2016

Our Weekend

We had the most amazing weekend! October 1st always feels like its a holiday in itself.  I mean its the kickoff to the holiday season and so, in my mind its totally a holiday!  

Friday afternoon we took down all our Halloween decorations and started decorating the inside of the house.  The girls got a total kick out each and everything.  We put Halloween kid songs on youtube onto the tv and it was a regular ol' party up in here.

Friday night we did our usual thang.  Jolie goes to bed at 7 and then we cook pizza's and watch the new Elena of Avalor on disney channel with our big girl.   We all three cuddle up on the couch together and just hang out.  She gets to stay up about an hour past her usual bed time and she gets some special alone time with us. I can tell she loves it so much.  As do we :)

Saturday morning we went to ballet and the rest of of the day was spent at home.  Steve played with the girls in the pool while I was able to clean.  Something about cleaning in peace makes it so fun.  Man, Im old. 

The girls and I busted out our matchings skeleton pajamas.  Brynn was soo excited that we all matched and kept telling me how cute and adorable I looked :)
After some bedtime stories the girls were tucked in and Steve and I enjoyed our chili and the bama game.

We have been battling colds for over a week now over here so for the second week in a row we missed church.  Mainly Jolie, and her runny nose.  But, after being cooped up all week I definitely needed to get out.  The girls got dressed in their Halloween best, and we headed to Grammie and Papa's.  They played outside, swung in her swing...gave grammie a good makeover with some old make up :)  We headed home around four for some more pool time and dinner.  Steve grilled while the girls ran around the backyard.  I was able to sit and drink some wine, the weather this time of day has been so glorious!  

They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.  Let's hope so ;)

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