Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A is for Apple

We completed our first week of school, A is for apple and had so much fun with this letter and theme.  I always loved teaching the apple theme back in my teacher days so, I was excited to teach it to Brynn.  We are really loving our school time together and I am finding myself looking forward to it each day.  It works perfectly that it is during Jolie's nap time because it gives me quality one on one time with my big girl, which I love so much. & just in case you're wondering yes we do school almost always in pjs ;)

We did all the activities from our curriculum that went with the letter A.

And then I added to it by incorporating teaching her about the part of an apple, the apple life cycle and Johnny Appleseed.  She was super interested in all of it and I was so impressed with how much her little self took it all in and understood.  I even caught her several times repeating fact to my mom or her dad, which made me so proud.

Friday we met up with our friends, who are also doing the same homeschool curriculum and celebrated with an Apple Day.

The kids made Johnny Appleseed hats.

They played with apple cinnamon play doh and rolled it into balls to put on their apple trees and traced the letter A with it as well.

They decorated apples with chocolate and toppings.

Drank apple juice from hollowed out apple cups.

& planted appleseeds all around like Johnny Appleseeds.

It was so much fun and felt like we had our own little school with all the kids together!

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