Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dalmatian puppy costume tutorial

Hey All!
It's almost Halloween which means, costume crunch time!
Since starting this blog back when Brynn was a baby, the post that has gotten pinned the most, received the most comments, emails and questions especially at this time of year is Brynn's first Halloween costume.

For her first Halloween we went as fire fighters and her as a Dalmatian puppy.  Since then, I have gotten so many emails asking how I made this costume, particularly the ears.

This year Brynn has to dress up for ballet class and again for our church trunk or treat on Friday.  I didn't want to give away our Halloween costume for this year early so I decided both girls would go as Dalmatian for our church trunk or treat and we would decorate our white SUV as a dalmatian also! Save our new costume for surprise on Halloween.

I had Brynn's old costume saved, so I only had to make a new one for Brynn this year in a bigger size, and Jolie could wear her old one.  I took this opportunity to photograph the process step by step for anyone to refer to in the future :)  Hope this helps!

One wash cloth, some black felt, scissors, hot glue gun, elastic for headband and waist of tutu, tulle
marker, shirt or onesie, red bow.

Step ONE, Ears:

I start with a white wash cloth for the ears.  I like to use a wash cloth because one its only a dollar at walmart, and two it has a fuzzy look like fur.  I start by tracing out one ear shape. Then cut that out.

Then I place that ear on the wash cloth and trace it again to make sure I have two of the same exact size and shape ears.

Two ears, traced and cut.
(the wash cloth ends do fray and shed, but don't worry)

Next, the headband for the ears to go on.  Measure your child's head and then cut to size.  Cut one extra little piece.  This will be used to cover the seam.

With your hot glue gun, glue the two ends together.

Take your tiny piece and hot glue around the part that was cut to cover your seam and hold it together better.

Next, trace different size circles onto black felt.

Last step with the ears is to glue them onto the headband.  This is the trickiest part so hopefully I can make it clear in my directions.

Basically your are going to fold the top over to form a triangle.

Make a triangle with your hot glue, place your elastic headband through this triangle and then fold it over.

Here you can see the elastic going through the wash cloth.
Repeat with the other ear.

When your done it should look like this.  Hopefully that made sense.

Glue the black dots all over the ears.
I do hot glue a red bow in the middle to make it extra cute and girly :)

Step TWO, the tutu.
I think pretty much all girl moms know how to make a tutu these days, and there are a million tutorials online. But just in case...

Get some elastic and measure around your child's waist, then cut and tie in a knot.

Find something to fit your elastic around while you work, a paper towel roll, pillow...a pumpkin!
In this case I used Brynn's Belle doll pillow.

Cut strips of tulle.  These pieces will be folded in half.  So make sure that you measure where you want it to come to on your child and then double that length.

Take your piece of tulle and fold it in half. Hold on top of elastic.

Bring the two ends under the elastic and  back through the hoop at the top.

Here is a picture of pulling the tulle through the top hoop.

pull all the way though ...

Tighten and slide to the side so that each strand is side by side.  Continue until you fill the entire piece of elastic.

Hot glue some of your circles on the tutu or you can leave it plain white, your choice.

Step THREE, the onesie or shirt.
Easy peasy, hot glue your round felt circles all over front and back.

Finish it off by painting your little cuties nose black and you are all set!  Of all our costumes this was the simplest and easiest of them... all but my favorite :)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mommy and Daddy Getaway!

We are on our way home from our first ever baby getaway!  Steve and I have not been away from the girls ever...actually, in all honesty I hardly everr leave the girls at all, even for an hour.  And Steve and I probably have maybeee three date nights a year if that.  All part of the financial sacrifice so that I can stay home with the girls, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

We are fortunate to a have a beach house to stay at in Gulf Shores that has been in the family for years.  About six months ago we decided to plan a trip for the end of October with some of Steve's family from Ohio.  They flew into Fort Lauderdale on Monday and spent two days with us first at our house to spend time with the girls.  

Wednesday morning I dropped the girls off with my mom, and the four of us drove the 10 hours up to the beach.  That drive which I normally despise was the most relaxing thing ever solo!

We spent the week relaxing, sleeping in...laying on the beach and eating and drinking our way through Gulf Shores.  We had the best time and it was much needed.  
 Our first day there we bought a bunch of local craft beers and laid out all day and had our own little beer tasting.  That night we were supposed to go have a steak dinner at my grandparents house, but my cousins baby came a week early so they took off up to go see her and dropped the steaks off anyway on the way.  So we stayed home and grilled and had nice night at the house.

Our third day we went to show them pirates cove, where they have the bestttt bushwhackers and burgers and where Jimmy Buffet wrote the song Cheeseburger in Paradise :)

On the drive back from there we came across the prettiest cotton field and pulled over to get a closer look at take some pictures.

Day four we went to the Flora Bama, a bar on the Alabama Florida line for some drinks and oysters.
Always a must see.

We finished our last night with dinner at the Acme Oyster house which is originally from New Orleans for our last seafood meal.

After five days away from my babies I am dying to get back and hug their little necks.  We are definitely feeling recharged!  Which is good since I have so much to do this week!! Finish Halloween costumes, carve pumpkins, watch all our Halloween movies and decorate our car for our church trunk or treat.  Excited for all the fun things we have ahead!

Friday, October 21, 2016

E is for Elephant and D is for Dinosaur

Letter E and D recap.
We are skipping around and doing the letters out of order so that we can arrange some of them to go with the seasons or holidays.

Last week we finished these two letters and had a lot of fun with them, especially the dinosaurs.

For the letter E we had fun reading "Elmer" and painting him many different colors.

One morning we made elephant biscuits, which was a total hit and so incredibly easy.  Biscuits cut in thirds, laid on top of one whole biscuit.  One slice for each ear and one for the trunk.  Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and tadaaaa elephant biscuits.

Brynn was in heaven with our dinosaur week.  We did so many extra activities with this theme and she was so into it and enjoyed every second.
We followed a pinterest recipe to make dinosaur fossils that we baked in the oven.
Then, I buried them all in the sandbox.  I pulled out some shovels, sand sifters, paint brushes and told her she was a paleantologist and had to find all the fossils and clean them off.  This kept her busy for a solid hour and she even asked to do it the next day again.

I made her dinosaur waffles for breakfast one morning and her face is absolutely priceless. It only takes a few extra minutes to make food fun and festive and its one of my most favorite things to do for the girls.

Sticky mud was another hit.  A little mixture of cornstarch and water, a sprinkle of cocoa powder for some brown color and you have yourself some endless entertainment.

We just wrapped up letter C and are looking forward to P is for pumpkin and everything Halloween next week!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

This past weekend we headed to the pumpkin patch after church.  I dressed the girls in their pumpkin best, and I just loved these dresses on them.  They looked so darling.  We stopped on the way and scooped up my brother and his girlfriend to join us.  

Last year it was sweaty 90 degrees but thankfully this year it was breezy and overcast and no
 melt downs were had.  Brynn loved it and was climbing all the pumpkins and looking for spookely.  Jolie just teeder toddered around trying to pick up all the pumpkins.  It was a perfect time.

While writing this post I got sucked in to looking at all the pumpkin patch posts from the past three years and oh. my. heart.  Time just keeps on passing by and these little babies are growing at warp speed.  Oh how I wish I could just freeze them right in this moment in time.  These ages are just my most favorite right now.