Monday, September 5, 2016

Our Weekend

They say this weekend is the big end of summer hoorah!  It's always around this time that I am starting to get super eager for fall, all the pumpkins, candles and cooler weather....howeverrrr that is just never the case around here.  It is still totally summer with September always seeming like the worsssstttt month of the year for heat and humidity to me.  It's always this time of year especially that I wished we could live somewhere else with seasons.  At least for the fall months that is.

Anywhooo, no big end of summer hoorah planned over here for this Labor Day.  This pool of ours will probably still be being swam in right into December.  Actually, last year our annual Christmas party play date with Brynn's friends ended in them all swimming in the pool.  Nothing screams Christmas like swimming ;)

We had a pretty quiet weekend around here this week.  Friday I spent the day shopping with my mom and Brynn for my brother's girlfriends birthday.  We threw her a fall themed birthday dinner on Saturday and decorated the table in lots of pumpkins and candles and let her take them all home for her own decor as her present.

I made this pumpkin pecan cobbler from pinterest that was speaking to my soullllllll and it did not dissappoint  y'all!  Seriously.

Saturday was also the first college football weekend of the year and so of course I had to deck us all out in our Alabama best!  The girls had fun throwing the football around in the backyard and playing with the pom poms.

& of course it was a great win for the Tide!

Sunday morning was spent at church and the rest of the afternoon was pretty slow with naps for the girls while I finished up the last touches on our homeschool room.  More on homeschooling and our decisions regarding that later this week, but we are starting this morning and I am very excited about the year to come for me and my sweet Brynn.

I set my alarm this morning to wake up before the girls, got dressed, watched the news, enjoyed two cups of pumpkin spice coffee while watching the sun rise and praying for our day and future school year ahead.  As much as I love my sleep I am going to seriously try this whole waking up and starting my day before the girls.  A little quiet mama time to get the day started.

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