Monday, September 12, 2016

Jolie 12 Months

Our little nugget has been 1 for three weeks now, so I better get this post up before she is not longer 12 months!  

This has been such a big month for our little bit!  She is growing and changing at warp speed and I can't take it.  Love it and hate it all at once.  The biggest thing that happened between month 11 and 12 is Jolie is walking!  About a week before she turned one she finally decided to give it a try and hasn't looked back.  Just like her sister, as soon as she realized she could do it she never crawled again.  I'm pretty sure walking has made Jolie so much happier.  She is loving being able to keep, especially with her big sister.  Jolie also switched from formula to regular milk this month and didn't even flinch at the difference.  I didn't really think she would, girl loves to eat and drink.

Nothing has changed in this department.  Still a solid 12 hour sleeper.  Pretty much 6:45/7 til   6:30/7 in the morning.  Two naps, 9 and 2:30/3.  I don't see us changing that any time soon, she still very much needs both naps.  Still sleeping with like four blankies and a million pacis in the crib.

Such a chunkster weighing 21 lbs at her one year appt (80th percentile)...pretty sure eating is her favorite.  Im really not sure Jolie would ever stop eating or push food away...I have yet to see it happen.  She definitely has to be regulated. haha.  I still have yet to find anything that she will not eat so, that is nice.  She drinks two bottles, one when she wakes up 8 oz and one before bed 6 oz.  Eats breakfast, lunch dinner...regular food.  At her one year check up we found out that she is anemic which means she is low in iron so we have added some things to her diet now.  I mix in baby oatmeal with apple sauce or yogurt for her breakfast.  She hated it so I have to disguise it. And I am also now adding a multi vitamin to her morning milk.  Lunch- she normally eats deli meat, cheese..or a pbj sandwich...with a veggie pouch.  Dinner she always eats what we do and I really can't tell that she likes any one thing more than the next.  its all good to miss Jo.

size 4 diapers and 12m clothes.

Lots of change in this department.  Jolie loves loves loves to play with Brynn.  They disappear into each others rooms for long periods of time just playing around.  They chase each other, scream dance you name it.  She is such a copier and is constantly watching what Brynn does and then going and doing the exact same thing.  She loves loves baby dolls.  She constantly is found with a baby doll in tow...holding her, patting her, feeding her a bottle, pushing it in the stroller or shopping cart. Tonight I caught her trying to give it her paci. So cute to see her so little and already mommy like.  She also loves to just hold things.  She is always walking around with something just holding it.  A pen, marker, bucket...her favorite is a piece of play food in a toy pot.  Last week I picked her up from church nursery and she was just walking around the room with a sharpie.  She also loves to be outside and would stay outside all day if I let her.  Loves to swing, play in the sandbox and her favorite is the water hose.

Used to be super shy but will now wave and blow sugars to strangers.
Transition to her big girl carseat and I think she loves all the room and her own cup holder ;)

Dearest Jolie,

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in the hospital meeting you for the first time.  This has seriously been the fastest year of my life!  Before you were born I worried if my heart could love another one the same way it did your sister.  Everyone assured me it just happens and they were right.  The moment I heard your cry and brushed your soft cheek with my finger my heart grew instantly.  The bond was so immediate and I have loved you more than I ever thought was possible.

You gave us a run for our money your first few months with colic and constant crying in pain.  I was so sleep deprived and stressed, but we worked through it and right around four months one day you just stopped crying.  It was amazing and you were a new baby from that day on.  Your sweet and easy going personality immediately shined through and you couldn't meet a single person with out them commenting on what a happy baby you are. 

I know I am your mom, but you are the cutest thing ever!  The longest lashes, blonde hair from we don't know where ;) and the tiniest chubbiest legs!  You are so teeny and a part of me secretly loves that!  It makes you seem younger than you are and I will take that always!  You love attention, snuggles and sugars but are also so strong willed and sassy. You are a mama's girl through and through and don't go far before you are looking for me again.  You are definitely in that stage where you are often found on my leg whining not wanting me to ever be productive.  We joke that you need me to breathe.  & that baby girl is a-ok with mama, because I definitely need you to breathe.

Jolie Aryn, you have taught me so much in one year.  Most importantly being that just when you think your heart is so full it is able to expand and love to depths you never dreamed possible!  But, also that there is no greater joy in this world than watching the love you and your sister have for each other.

I pray that God does great things with you my love, and that you are able to use the many talents you have been blessed with to one day advance his kingdom.  You are something special my dear, and I can wait to see what is in store for you.

We love you Jolie!
Mommy & Daddy

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