Tuesday, September 13, 2016


So, last Monday marked the first day of our preschool homeschool adventures.  Homeschool is something that I have thought about since Brynn was born.  I definitely go back and forth with whether it is for us or not.  There are so many pros and some cons to both and so, I really feel like there is still so much more research for me to do.  Any who, I decided to start with preschool.  This is like our trial run, we will see how it goes, how I like it...how Brynn likes it.  I really do love the idea of me being Brynn's teacher, working at her speed, on things she is interested with, taking our time on things she loves..the one on one time.  I love keeping our family together, I love that we can incorporate religion and Jesus into our whole day and of course keep her innocence a 
little longer.  The list goes on and on...and the ex teacher in me is so excited!

Around June I came across another mom homeschooler online and her website.  I spent hours reading her blog and site and ultimately ended up purchasing her curriculum for pre school age children. (Confessions of a homeschooler)  It is basically letter of the week style and goes with different themes...which definitely speaks to me! haha.  I love a good theme....P is for pumpkin...V is for valentine...J is for Jesus :)  I spent the past three months printing it all out, cutting, laminating...turning our playroom into Brynn's school room.  Finishing the school room was the icing on the cake and made it feel so real and official.  That room just makes me so happy now.

Our typical day looks something like this:

The girls wake around 7
Breakfast at 8 were we do family devotion time
Jolie naps for 9-11 so this is when we do our school time
11:00-12 outside time
12-12:30 lunch time
12:30 Brynns nap
2:00 jolies nap and when I start my chores for the day
2:30 Brynn is up/ snack for her and free play
3:30 everyone is up and we are back outside until 4:30 when I dinner prep.
5:00 we normally go for a family walk
6:00 dinner and baths
7:00 bible/bedtime stories and bed

We are half way through our second week and this schedule has been working so well and bringing so much peace and organization to my life.  For the first two weeks of school we just did "review/all about me" theme. I wanted to get her used to the school routine and schedule of things.  We have worked on learning her phone number, address, how to write her name as well as how to do calendar time with her calendar time notebook.  Next week will officially start the curriculum with A is for Apple.  We are excited to start and learn all about apples, the apple life cycle and have an apple day for Johnny Appleseeds birthday with our other homeschool friends!

Below are some pictures of our school room and pictures of Brynn working on some of her activities.
 I cleared all the toys off these shelves and moved them into the girls closets.  I organized all the craft and school supplies into these bins. Books and puzzles on the bottom.  Construction paper inside the cabinets.

I kept the play kitchen and a house furniture in here. The girls play with these things the most and we spend so much time in this room so, it is the best place for them.

The back corner is where I put our calendar time things, library book basket, shelves that I change out with themed books.  Steve turned our old chalkboard into a white board and I hung abc posters and shapes above and below it.  I hung a ribbon with clothes pins to display all Brynns art work.

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  1. I love that you get to stay home and teach the girls yourself. Goals right there! And the little space you set up for them is perfect too! :)