Thursday, August 25, 2016

catch up

I totally need to play catch up with this little bloggy blog!  It's been crickets over here...but I can't say I'm mad about it.  It is summer time and we have been playing outside and spending lots of time in our pool and swinging on the swing set and going for walks.  Just basically loving playing with my babies and soaking up their suntanned skin and sunscreen smell and popsicle sticky fingers.

I totally missed Jolie's 11 month update on here.  #momfail
but here is her cute little monthly picture, which I still did manage to get done :)

So, what have we been up to lately around here!

Brynn celebrated her besties birthday at a little girl spa! It was so stinking cute with mani/pedis, facials and friendship bracelet making.  It was seriously the sweetest thing ever.

Like I said above, lots of pool time, sprinkler time, splash pads...basically anything involving water cause it is so gosh darn hot!

Brynn Started Ballet and my gosh its just the cutest thing ever!  I totally had this exact vision when I found out I was gonna be a girl mama.  & I get so giddy every time its time to dress her up in this little get up each week.

Lots of walks, stroller walks, wagon walk, beep beeps and tri cycles you name it.

Jolie started walking the week before her birthday and well thats just the cutest thing!  I totally love the little drunk baby walk.  It is my fav!

We celebrated Jolie's first birthday...more on that later this week.

Finally got Brynn past her little scared of the dark/nightmare phase and celebrated with pony rides!

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