Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July 2016

We just got back from the most amazing family vacation. I am still in total funk mode over not being at the beach anymore and trying to get back into real life every day mode, even two days later. I finally have everything put away, have grocery shopped and done 8 loads of laundry and can sit to write down about our wonderful time before I forget all the details.

We go to Gulf Shores every Fourth of July, my grandparents have a beach house there that we go to several times a year, and we now are very fortunate to have our own beach house there as well to go to.  It was very important that we keep our family tradition alive, I went there all the time as a child, and my mom as a child...and my grandparents want us to continue to come with our children and so on and so on.  Steve and I are all about tradition and are loving seeing our children love this place as much as we do too.

We arrived on Thursday before the fourth.  I know Ive said it a million times, but that drive is just brutal.  10 1/2 hours in the car with little ones just never gets easy...and when it does we went and had another one haha! I couldn't help but think when Brynn was an angel the entire way and watching her movies all peacefully.... no changing diapers involved that man this would be easy with just her.  And oh how I love little sister girl, but she is definitely the one that makes this trip a little more difficult.  But ...I have to admit...they were pretty good overall.

The weather was absolutely picture perfect!  Sunny every single day....warm...but with a breeze...water wasn't rough the kids were able to play on the edge every day.  Just perfection.

We were just there back in May after Brynn's birthday about two months ago, but it was great to be back.  Brynn was so excited, she just loves having her family all together.  We stayed with my grandparents and my parents.  My brother and his girlfriend stayed at our other beach house down the street about five minutes away.  We spent every day laying around on the beach, enjoying evening dinners, and porch drinks and sunsets.   It flew by way too fast and I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.  We cannot wait to go back in October for our first ever trip away from the babies. 

Brynn holding her little hermit crab.  Every day her and daddy caught "sea creatures" with her net to collect in her sand bucket.

I mean is there anything sweeter than a cute little baby in a bonnet...and then monogrammed...I mean this just makes my heart swoon.

 Brynn was the picture of pure happiness all week.  She played in that ocean from the time we got there until the time we left each day.  It made for some pretty blood shot eyes and some easy bed times and late wake ups :)
Papa met us down at the beach each afternoon after golf.  The girls can't get enough of their papa.

The beach wore these girls out!!!  Every day Jolie took a nap on me at the beach. & one afternoon even my sweet big girl fell asleep in my lap for the first time in years!  I could have almost cried at this sweet moment and definitely soaked it up for every single minute and took more selfies of us than I care to admit ;)

 This one right here had no fear of the ocean and would actually just crawl straight into it without a care in the world.  Someone was always having to run and scoop her right back up before she just crawled away to sea.  Could. not. keep. her. away!

Thankful for all these people and how much they love my babies, someone was always taking one at any given moment and it was nice to get breaks to sip my beer in peace or have a few moments in my beach chair without being covered in sand ;)

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary!  Can't believe its already been five years!  We go to the same restaurant to celebrate each year and it has the prettiest view!  We were happy to have my brother and his girlfriend celebrate with us.

We started the fourth with our flag cake tradition.  They were quite impressed with themselves!

Ugh, these bathing suits.  I seriously still swoon every time I look at these pictures.

Family pictures always turn out something a little like this! Oh well, we try haha.

It was her first time with sparklers and she was in complete awe :)

 The next day it was time leave.  Brynn has already asked to go back to "Bama" several times.  I totally feel that sweet girls pain, I hate leaving family....vacation is the best!  Until next time!

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