Wednesday, June 22, 2016

10 Months of Jo

Little Bit is 10 months old! Double digits! Somebody hold me!  We are in full on birthday prep mode, invites have been ordered...I just can't believe we are here already! Time is flying at record speed.

Hair: sandy blonde
Eyes: Hazel

Clothes size: 6-12 months

Diapers: size four.

Feeding: Three bottles a day. 6, 11, 6. Occasionally one around 2:30.  all 6 oz.
Eating three meals a day.... all solid foods.  We have officially given up puree's.  You eat everything we eat and have yet to find a single thing you don't like.  

Sleep:  Still the same. Sleeping a solid 12 hours at night and never waking up.  Taking the same three naps, a cat nap around 8, 2 hour nap at 11 and another 1 hour nap around 3.

First: pony tail :)
 First time in church nursery

Milestones: walking on all furniture, walking with your push walker all over the house, standing unassisted for a little while before falling.
7 teeth

Talking a lot more this month, saying hi, bye, bye bye, mama, dada, niiii niiiii (night night)

Pointing to everything with your pointer finger.

Dearest Jolie,

You sweet little munchkin.  This was such a big month for you, you have learned so much this month!  You are all over the place, crawling at super speed, cruising the furniture and walking on your push walker all over the house.  You are at the ultimate stage five clinger phase! I remember this with your sister and it driving me nuttsssss! But- I now know it is short lived and soon enough I will have to beg you to stop playing and come love on me.  You do not like me to be out of your sight, and most of the time me being in your sight is not even enough for you.  You are constantly wanting to be held, and constantly on my leg begging to be picked up if I am trying to do something.  Household chores have become quite difficult to say the least ;)

You are a sassy little thing!  You have totally developed a little attitude and know exactly what you want.  You are super impatient for your food and are basically screeching like a banshee from your highchair for more!  When you don't want to be put down you stretch your legs out super straight so I cannot sit you down...and when I then lay you down, cue the water works and leg kicking!  I used to think you were going to be my quiet shy one..but hmmm...maybe not haha.  

Your love for your sister continues to grow even more with each passing month.  You love to follow her around, you love to study each thing she is doing and then do it too!  You like to brush baby dolls hair with her or brush her hair with your brush.  You like to color with your own crayon next to her, roll cars with name it.  Whatever she is doing you are right next to her trying to do the exact same thing.  There are finally becoming times where I can sit down in a chair outside or on the couch and watch you two just play and entertain each other...and I get real excited about that only becoming more and more regular.
You guys are constantly hugging and kissing and it always reassures me that giving Brynn a sibling was the best thing decision I ever made.

You have the sweetest personality.  You love to snuggle, love hugs, love to give the biggest open mouth sugars.  You are alwayssss smiling.  You love to be out and about and are the best errand buddy.  Just quiet as a mouse taking in the world around you.  You are always studying everything so closely.

We love you our little bit!
XOXO Mommy & Daddy

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