Friday, May 20, 2016

Teething & a Nuby Giveaway

Let's talk about teething shall we!
I think all us mommas can agree teething is the absolute worst!  Definitely a part of parenthood I think I could do without.  There is nothing worse than seeing your sweet baby in pain.  So, when Nuby contacted me to review some of their new teething items I was all over it!  These few things below along with alllll the coffee...and wine ;) are definitely helping me get through this whole teething business.

Let me first say Jolie is a total paci girl.  She didn't take to them from the start, but after seeing how much that thing saved my life with her sissy I really pushed the paci.  Around five months little miss finally decided she would give that thing a try and hasn't looked back since.  These Nuby silicone pacis were a hit with Jo and bonus they massage and soothe sore baby gums.  Butttt, my all time favorite is the Nuby paci finder attached to it.  I hook this little guy right on to the paci and toss about five of them in the crib and no matter where she lands in the crib she is sure to find one.  So, these helped us say goodbye to her crying in the night searching for her paci.

Second, I was able to try this teething necklace.  I love to wear jewelry but once Brynn got to the grabby stage and ripped my favorite necklace chain in half back to back I had to stop for a while.  Once Jolie got to the same stage it was once again off with the necklaces and dangling earrings.  These necklaces are great because number one they are made for chompin' babies so no breaking these things and also they come in several colors.  The soft silicone texture is great for baby's munching gums.  As soon as I put this on Jolie went to town chomping away.  I also sometimes give her just the necklace itself to play with and chew on.

Lastly, I tried out the new Nuby teething bib.  Jolie has four teeth right now and is currently cutting her fifth.  Whenever she is fussy and nothing seems to be working I can always plop her in the highchair with a teething wafer and that will give us a few minutes break.  Howeverrrrrrr those things are super messy and goopy and sticky!  I put this cute bib on to keep her sweet outfit from getting ruined and it totally did the trick, and as soon as she was done eating she went right to that rubber teething triangle at the bottom and started chewing away.  It is also reversible and has cute patterns on both sides :)

Nuby has so generously offered to give one of my readers a free teething bib of their own.  All you gotta do is head over to my Instagram(laurynbecca) and find my post on this cute bib and follow the steps!

Good Luck!

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