Monday, May 2, 2016

Brynn's Pink Unicorn Party

Last week we celebrated Brynn's third birthday!  Brynn's big birthday surprise is that we are leaving for Disney later this week, but of course we had to have a special celebration for her on her big day as well.  Several weeks prior Brynn informed me that she had changed from pink princess party to pink unicorn party, which had me scrambling to pull it all together.  Despite her switcheroo, I love how it all turned out.  It was a perfect dinner and night with family and our little princess was in complete heaven.

When I saw this giant unicorn head at none other than target, I knew it had to be incorporated somehow.  It was perfect, Brynn looooved him, and he now resides in our playroom!  win win.

I love how pretty the table came out.  The perfect amount of pretty :)
Brynn's only request for the cake was that it was pink!  of course.
Originally, I contacted our usual cake girl and she was out of town, I decided to tackle it myself.  I had been in love with the whole naked cake look...and I ombre'd the icing in the layers light to dark.  I thought it turned out pretty good if I say so myself!

Brynn's dinner request was hot dogs and french fries,  easy enough right!
So I made a little hot dog bar with chili and all the toppings.

I just adore this picture of my parents and the girls!

baby sister in her pink party attire :)

Brynn could not hardly staaaand it waiting for all our family to get here to open her presents.  We totally did it backwards and opened presents before dinner :)  

At the end of the party we totally had a wardrobe change to her new Anna dress.  We sang happy birthday to her...which she also sang to herself as well! haha.  She blew out her candles and said " I really wish I could be a princess!"  Ughhhh melt my heart into a million pieces.  That little face on the right, gosh oh gosh, I wish I could bottle up that sweetness for life!

It was the sweetest little celebration for our sweet three year old!
& now its off to Disney to keep it going!

Brynn's Party dress:  lola and darla
Unicorn head: target
"Brynn name banner": C/O    Pearl and Jane
Gold number 3:  Me  (etsy store coming soon, link in header)
Gold and Pink Unicorn name letters: Me (etsy store coming soon)
Pink and Unicorn table confetti:  C/O  Country De Vine
Pink tissue pom poms: C/O Eves Party Market
Food name tents: C/O CK Fireboots
Paper straws: C/O Eves Party Market
Ribbon decoration above food: target
Plates & napkins: target
cake stand: home goods 


  1. What a cute theme, I love the colors! And I love how she had a wardrobe change!

    1. Girrrrrl, we go through about 5 wardrobe changes a day! Toddler girl life right?!!? ;)

  2. What a cute theme, I love the colors! And I love how she had a wardrobe change!