Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Disney/Beach Trip

If you follow us on Instagram (laurynbecca) you probably saw all our Disney and beach spam for the past two weeks.  Disney was Brynn's birthday present and so we took off for three days to the happiest place on Earth about a week after she turned the big THREE.   We stayed at the J.W Marriott Grande Lakes ..which I cannot say enough good things about.  We love love love that hotel and used to stay there all the time pre-kids.  They have a huuuuge pool, kiddie pool and lazy river and a shuttle to the parks so it was perfect for the kids.

We decided like last year to just do one park, Magic Kingdom.  I personally think its just too overwhelming with the little ones to do multiple.  So we did pool day, park, pool day and it was perfect.  Brynn is Disney princess obsessed and we spent much of last year in line meeting princesses so, this year I wanted to spend a little less time on that and more on rides.  We did meet Rapunzel and Cinderella first thing upon getting there and got that long line out of the way.

Just like last year she was obsessed with them and could not get enough.  Last year she was sooo happy but shyyyy.  This year she was all over them talking up a storm, telling them all about her clothes and giving them all the hugs.  My heart could just melt a million times over with these pictures and seeing the magic and happiness in her face.

Seriously the weather could not have been more perfect!  Totally making up for the monsoooooon we had last year when we went.  It was in the 60's in the morning and sunny high of 75! Literally unheard of in Florida for May.

From there we decided to head up to Gulf Shores.  We had been wanting to go and visit my grandparents and already being three and half hours into the trip sounded like a good time to go.  Anything for less time in the car with two little ones right?!?!

It was our first beach trip of the year and the weather was awesome!!! We pretty much stayed on the beach for hourssss all four days.  My grandparents, Honey and Pops were so excited to have the company and see the girls.  They have only seen Jolie once when she was three months so they were amazed with how big she has gotten and crawling and climbing all over.

It was so nice to get away from the every day and all the daily chores.  It was just what we needed...and now we are back to real life.  It is always so hard getting back into the swing of things after a vacation.  But....we have family coming this week, and are counting down till we go back for the fourth.  Much to look forward to!

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  1. That is awesome she was not shy this time and more talkative, it is amazing the difference a year can make and how they change and evolve in their personality. I love their Take me to Disnet shirts, you seriously dress them so cute!