Wednesday, May 25, 2016

N I N E months of Jo

Our sweet Jolie is nine months!
That could only mean one thing....the first birthday planning is officially in full swing.
While, Jolie is just getting more fun by the day I can't help but be a little sad by just how fast time is flying.  I mean even faster this time around. ugh.

With that being said, nine months is the best so far.  Our little bit has conquered so much in the last month.  We are officially crawling, standing, side stepping furniture, clapping, saying mama, dada, yayyyy and hi!  You have waved bye bye a few times, but you really have to concentrate on it to make it happen, so funny.  We had your nine month doctor visit yesterday, along with your sisters 3 year well check.  You were a very happy girl until shot time, but who can blame you.  Your sister stood by you and held your hand the whole time, telling you repeatedly to be brave. melt. my heart.

Height: 27 inches 21st percentile
Weight: 20 lbs 80th percentile
Hair: sandy blonde
Eyes: Hazel???

Clothes size: I put you in anything from 6months to 12 months.  Bubbles I have been buying 18 months so you can wear through the summer.  Jammies you are still in 6 months with your tiny little legs.

Diapers: size four.

Feeding: Still the same with bottles. three 6oz and an 8oz before bed.
We started weaning off the baby food the past two weeks...starting to eat mostly people food.  Haven't found anything you won't eat yet haha.

Sleep:  You are an excellent sleeper and give me no problems.  You take a morning nap around 8:30 (1 hr), then 11 (2 hrs)  and 3 (1 hr).  You go down for the night at 7 and wake up between 6-7 in the morning.  Knock on wood, you never wake up in the middle of the night and are so happy when we are reunited in the morning :)

Play:  now that you are crawling and climbing you are all over. You are constantly trying to keep up with your sister, following her everywhere.  You always want in on what she is doing..whether thats coloring, puzzles, tea are right there in the middle of it.  Standing has made you more interested in the play kitchen and the food inside of the little oven.  You love to crawl to the little train car and play the piano keys on the front.  You love love love the pool and will just chill and float around in your little float forever.  You also love to swing with your sister on the swingset.  We bought a little mermaid sprinkler last month and you also love that, when puddles form on the ground you love slamming your hands in them over and over again.  

Firsts: first trip to Disney, first trip to Gulf Shores.
First time at Splash Park.

Milestones: crawling, clapping, giving sugars on demand.
saying hi and yay.

Dearest Jolie,

My sweet tiny little lady, you are growing so fast.  I can't believe all you have mastered this past month.  In a few short months we will be celebrating your first birthday, holy moly!  I am soaking up all your baby days, your squishy cheeks, soft skin and chunky little legs.  You are the biggest cuddler, lover and snuggler.  You totally know the way to my heart with the way you smile and lay your sweet head on my chest and wrap your arms around me.  I swearrr you are giving hugs and know how much I love them :)

You are still the happiest little munchkin, it takes next to nothing to make you smile. You are such a go with the flow baby and I am so thankful for that.  You are so content to be on the go, such a little people watcher you are.  With that, you have also perfected your judging face, and often totally grill strangers who are talking to you!  It takes you a while to warm up, but once you do its like you have always loved them. 

You are cutting so many teeth this month and are a little extra clingy and cranky pants.  While I am not used to this side of you...not being your usual happy quiet self...I am trying to soak up all the extra cuddles that you want.  You are sweeter than sweet my little bit.

We love you our little Jolie Bean.  You are the light of our lives.

We love you so so much,
Love Mommy & Daddy.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Teething & a Nuby Giveaway

Let's talk about teething shall we!
I think all us mommas can agree teething is the absolute worst!  Definitely a part of parenthood I think I could do without.  There is nothing worse than seeing your sweet baby in pain.  So, when Nuby contacted me to review some of their new teething items I was all over it!  These few things below along with alllll the coffee...and wine ;) are definitely helping me get through this whole teething business.

Let me first say Jolie is a total paci girl.  She didn't take to them from the start, but after seeing how much that thing saved my life with her sissy I really pushed the paci.  Around five months little miss finally decided she would give that thing a try and hasn't looked back since.  These Nuby silicone pacis were a hit with Jo and bonus they massage and soothe sore baby gums.  Butttt, my all time favorite is the Nuby paci finder attached to it.  I hook this little guy right on to the paci and toss about five of them in the crib and no matter where she lands in the crib she is sure to find one.  So, these helped us say goodbye to her crying in the night searching for her paci.

Second, I was able to try this teething necklace.  I love to wear jewelry but once Brynn got to the grabby stage and ripped my favorite necklace chain in half back to back I had to stop for a while.  Once Jolie got to the same stage it was once again off with the necklaces and dangling earrings.  These necklaces are great because number one they are made for chompin' babies so no breaking these things and also they come in several colors.  The soft silicone texture is great for baby's munching gums.  As soon as I put this on Jolie went to town chomping away.  I also sometimes give her just the necklace itself to play with and chew on.

Lastly, I tried out the new Nuby teething bib.  Jolie has four teeth right now and is currently cutting her fifth.  Whenever she is fussy and nothing seems to be working I can always plop her in the highchair with a teething wafer and that will give us a few minutes break.  Howeverrrrrrr those things are super messy and goopy and sticky!  I put this cute bib on to keep her sweet outfit from getting ruined and it totally did the trick, and as soon as she was done eating she went right to that rubber teething triangle at the bottom and started chewing away.  It is also reversible and has cute patterns on both sides :)

Nuby has so generously offered to give one of my readers a free teething bib of their own.  All you gotta do is head over to my Instagram(laurynbecca) and find my post on this cute bib and follow the steps!

Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Disney/Beach Trip

If you follow us on Instagram (laurynbecca) you probably saw all our Disney and beach spam for the past two weeks.  Disney was Brynn's birthday present and so we took off for three days to the happiest place on Earth about a week after she turned the big THREE.   We stayed at the J.W Marriott Grande Lakes ..which I cannot say enough good things about.  We love love love that hotel and used to stay there all the time pre-kids.  They have a huuuuge pool, kiddie pool and lazy river and a shuttle to the parks so it was perfect for the kids.

We decided like last year to just do one park, Magic Kingdom.  I personally think its just too overwhelming with the little ones to do multiple.  So we did pool day, park, pool day and it was perfect.  Brynn is Disney princess obsessed and we spent much of last year in line meeting princesses so, this year I wanted to spend a little less time on that and more on rides.  We did meet Rapunzel and Cinderella first thing upon getting there and got that long line out of the way.

Just like last year she was obsessed with them and could not get enough.  Last year she was sooo happy but shyyyy.  This year she was all over them talking up a storm, telling them all about her clothes and giving them all the hugs.  My heart could just melt a million times over with these pictures and seeing the magic and happiness in her face.

Seriously the weather could not have been more perfect!  Totally making up for the monsoooooon we had last year when we went.  It was in the 60's in the morning and sunny high of 75! Literally unheard of in Florida for May.

From there we decided to head up to Gulf Shores.  We had been wanting to go and visit my grandparents and already being three and half hours into the trip sounded like a good time to go.  Anything for less time in the car with two little ones right?!?!

It was our first beach trip of the year and the weather was awesome!!! We pretty much stayed on the beach for hourssss all four days.  My grandparents, Honey and Pops were so excited to have the company and see the girls.  They have only seen Jolie once when she was three months so they were amazed with how big she has gotten and crawling and climbing all over.

It was so nice to get away from the every day and all the daily chores.  It was just what we needed...and now we are back to real life.  It is always so hard getting back into the swing of things after a vacation.  But....we have family coming this week, and are counting down till we go back for the fourth.  Much to look forward to!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Brynn's Pink Unicorn Party

Last week we celebrated Brynn's third birthday!  Brynn's big birthday surprise is that we are leaving for Disney later this week, but of course we had to have a special celebration for her on her big day as well.  Several weeks prior Brynn informed me that she had changed from pink princess party to pink unicorn party, which had me scrambling to pull it all together.  Despite her switcheroo, I love how it all turned out.  It was a perfect dinner and night with family and our little princess was in complete heaven.

When I saw this giant unicorn head at none other than target, I knew it had to be incorporated somehow.  It was perfect, Brynn looooved him, and he now resides in our playroom!  win win.

I love how pretty the table came out.  The perfect amount of pretty :)
Brynn's only request for the cake was that it was pink!  of course.
Originally, I contacted our usual cake girl and she was out of town, I decided to tackle it myself.  I had been in love with the whole naked cake look...and I ombre'd the icing in the layers light to dark.  I thought it turned out pretty good if I say so myself!

Brynn's dinner request was hot dogs and french fries,  easy enough right!
So I made a little hot dog bar with chili and all the toppings.

I just adore this picture of my parents and the girls!

baby sister in her pink party attire :)

Brynn could not hardly staaaand it waiting for all our family to get here to open her presents.  We totally did it backwards and opened presents before dinner :)  

At the end of the party we totally had a wardrobe change to her new Anna dress.  We sang happy birthday to her...which she also sang to herself as well! haha.  She blew out her candles and said " I really wish I could be a princess!"  Ughhhh melt my heart into a million pieces.  That little face on the right, gosh oh gosh, I wish I could bottle up that sweetness for life!

It was the sweetest little celebration for our sweet three year old!
& now its off to Disney to keep it going!

Brynn's Party dress:  lola and darla
Unicorn head: target
"Brynn name banner": C/O    Pearl and Jane
Gold number 3:  Me  (etsy store coming soon, link in header)
Gold and Pink Unicorn name letters: Me (etsy store coming soon)
Pink and Unicorn table confetti:  C/O  Country De Vine
Pink tissue pom poms: C/O Eves Party Market
Food name tents: C/O CK Fireboots
Paper straws: C/O Eves Party Market
Ribbon decoration above food: target
Plates & napkins: target
cake stand: home goods