Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Third Birthday Inspiration

I can't believe in two weeks my sweet baby will be three!  Seriously where did the time go!  I have been asking Brynn for months what she wanted her birthday theme to first I was getting the answer "princess" consistently.  Then, a little while later I got the answer "a pink party."  I had interpreted the two to mean a pink princess party...however she later informed me "no, a pink unicorrrrrrn party."  Mind you, this is all after I had pinned many ideas for pink princess parties.  Oh, two years olds.

Anywho, I am loving her chosen theme. 

Of course, we need all things pink with gold accents..and we will decorate with pink balloons and streamers and flowers.  I already purchased her pretty pink dress that she had her birthday pictures in last week.  The birthday girl has requested her dinner to consist of hot dogs and pink cake.  & candles! I have been constantly reminded not to forget the candles! 
 I think I can handle that! ;)

previous birthday parties: 2nd birthday/ 1st birthday

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  1. These 3rd birthday bash decorations look wonderful. Like the cake a lot. Our daughter’s 5th birthday was in January and we hosted a funky party at her favorite venues Chicago. Had arranged a photo booth too!