Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Weekend

Why does the weekend have to end! We had another awesome weekend filled with theeee best weather yet again.  We definitely took advantage and were outside the entire time.  Let's be's the best way to spend it.  The kids are happier outside which equals good moods all around and happy parents. 

After having such a great time at the beach just a few days prior we decided to have another go at it.   It definitely did not disappoint, and we had yet again, a fantastic day.  The girls played in the sand, we dug holes and made castles...swam, looked for shells.  In typical Brynn fashion she met friends, Jolie took a great beach nap and Steve and I were actually able to sit in our chairs for a little bit. haha.

We headed home mid afternoon, laid the kids down and headed out back to spend the rest of the afternoon in the pool.  

Sunday morning was spent in the pool...again ...have I mentioned how happy I am that its pool season again..we did an outside picnic lunch and then the stars aligned and both girls napped at the same time for three hours!

We always save Sunday afternoons for going to my parents house.  My dad works long hours and this is his time to hang out with the kids.  Brynn really looks forward to it and pretty much cries every.single.time she has to leave.  Poor thing.  Totally reminds me of when I was young and would cry the worlds biggest alligator tears every time I had to leave my grandmother.  I love that they have such a special bond already.

And of course no grandparent visit is complete without some tree swinging.

But now it is Monday.  And we needed alllll the coffee.

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