Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jolie's first beach trip

A few days ago we made our first beach trip of the year.  The last time we were at the beach was our annual Gulf Shores trip last July when I was hugely pregnant.  Shortly after... Jolie was born, then winter and it has just now gotten nice enough to go again.  Brynn has been beggiiiiinnnng to go to the beach and even pretending she is there during her pretend play.  So, needless to say it was way overdue.  The weather has been pretty bi polar lately... cloudy...windy...cold...then hot.  So, the other day when it was super sunny, not a cloud in the sky and 79 I insisted we go!

We packed up everything in less than 30 minutes, has to be some sorta record, and headed out.  
Last year I could not keep Brynn out of the ocean and this time she was sort of timid.  She was definitely interested but it took a little mama lovin' to get her out there.  Once she was in though it came right back to her and she was all about it and I couldn't get her out for the rest of the day.

This was also Jolie's first time at the beach.  She absolutely loved it and in typical Jolie fashion, I am pretty sure she smiled the whole time.  Well, I take that back....until the waves rolled up and touched her toes.  Nope, she did not like that one bit.  But, otherwise, all about it!
& surprisingly did not try to eat nearly as much sand as I recall her sister doing.  She even passed out for an hour and half nap! Perfection!

We had the best day, and it left me so excited for many more and our upcoming beach vacays over the next few months.  It is definitely my happy place, and I love love love that my littles are the same!  

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