Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Brynn turns THREE!

My, oh, my!  Where do I even begin?  My baby is THREE!
Goodness, gracious!

time flies, they grow so fast, enjoy it..they are grown before you know it, don't blink...
all the things people tell you when you are pregnant or have little ones.
...but really,
believe those people, they are right!

Brynn is skipping right from twonager to threenager as mommies these days call it, and I can't hardly believe my eyes.
Where have the last three years gone? No really, where?

This last year has been amazing.  Amazing, trying, difficult, perfectly imperfect...and mostly pure fun!  I could have never imagined my heart would grow to the size it is now before I had these girls.

height: 3 ft 2.5 inches
weight: 37lbs

This has been a big year for my sweet girl.
All in a years time ...

She can sing her abc's along with many other nursery rhymes and disney songs.
She knows all but about 3 or 4 letter sounds.
Can spell her name.
Count to 20.
Knows all her shapes and colors, days of the week and months of the year.
Talks like a grown up, saying things that shock her daddy and I on a daily basis.

We had our first trip to Disney.
Switched from her crib to big girl bed right after her second birthday.
Learned to swim.
Became a big sister!
Potty trained.
Tossed the paci!
Had our first dentist visit.

This little girl right here has been the light of our life for the past three years.  She is the one who made me a mama, and completes me in ways I never dreamed possible.  She makes my heart so, so full.

Dearest Brynn,

You are three years old now and wow that just seems so old to me.  I really just can't believe you are THREE!  I don't know if I am ready for three and all this growing up business.  You have changed so much in the past year.  The things you know, the way you talk, the way you look...everything.  

I can hardly remember what life was like before you these days.  Your daddy and I always say on the rare occasions we find ourselves away from you, how boring life would be without you.  From your contagious laugh and tender heart to your eye rolls, tantrums and sass....we love every bit of you.

The baby and toddler in you is slowly fading away, those baby chubby cheeks are practically gone....and a faint faint line is the only reminder of the once incredibly chunky thighs you once had.  You are getting so tall, which constantly shocks your teeny mama and those baby hairs are now half way down your tiny back.  

Aside from all the obvious physical changes in the last year, you still have the sweetest and tender heart.  You care so deeply for others and their feelings.  You have become so independent and like to do everything yourself, constantly trying to prove how big you are. You talk a million miles a minute, barely stopping for a breath.  You are like a little sponge, and we are constantly being reminded that you are always, always listening.  You are a diva, equal parts spunk and sass.  You are not afraid to speak your mind and it often times has me having to turn away, as to not let you see me laughing and keep my mom game face on.  You love your sister fiercely and it is one of my greatest joys, watching you come into your role as big sister.  

Your love for Jesus is out of this world.  At three years old you already have this special relationship with the lord and this connection that I am in awe of on a daily basis. I pray that God will use you and your outgoing, kind personality and big voice in a great way to advance his kingdom one day.

So, as we continue with this growing up business I have a couple requests for you, my love.  Please always love princesses the way that you do now.  Keep putting princess dresses, tutus, and plastic heels on top of your pajamas and asking me "May I have this dance?" ALWAYS do a little twirl the second you put a dress on, and may you  forever feel like the prettiest girl in the world while doing so, because you, my darling are beautiful...every single part of you.  Keep your free spirit and love of the outdoors.  Keep on rescuing those bugs from the pool, searching for lizards, chasing butterflies and swinging with the wind blowing in your hair and the biggest smile upon your face.  Keep your imagination, you're never too old... and may you always feel comfortable enough to include me.  And at the end of the day I hope a hug and little bit of lip gloss will always cure the troubles in your little world.

No matter what, your mommy and daddy will always love you.  
You are perfect.
You are amazing.
You are beautiful.

We love you to the moon & back.
Mommy & Daddy