Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Brynn turns THREE!

My, oh, my!  Where do I even begin?  My baby is THREE!
Goodness, gracious!

time flies, they grow so fast, enjoy it..they are grown before you know it, don't blink...
all the things people tell you when you are pregnant or have little ones.
...but really,
believe those people, they are right!

Brynn is skipping right from twonager to threenager as mommies these days call it, and I can't hardly believe my eyes.
Where have the last three years gone? No really, where?

This last year has been amazing.  Amazing, trying, difficult, perfectly imperfect...and mostly pure fun!  I could have never imagined my heart would grow to the size it is now before I had these girls.

height: 3 ft 2.5 inches
weight: 37lbs

This has been a big year for my sweet girl.
All in a years time ...

She can sing her abc's along with many other nursery rhymes and disney songs.
She knows all but about 3 or 4 letter sounds.
Can spell her name.
Count to 20.
Knows all her shapes and colors, days of the week and months of the year.
Talks like a grown up, saying things that shock her daddy and I on a daily basis.

We had our first trip to Disney.
Switched from her crib to big girl bed right after her second birthday.
Learned to swim.
Became a big sister!
Potty trained.
Tossed the paci!
Had our first dentist visit.

This little girl right here has been the light of our life for the past three years.  She is the one who made me a mama, and completes me in ways I never dreamed possible.  She makes my heart so, so full.

Dearest Brynn,

You are three years old now and wow that just seems so old to me.  I really just can't believe you are THREE!  I don't know if I am ready for three and all this growing up business.  You have changed so much in the past year.  The things you know, the way you talk, the way you look...everything.  

I can hardly remember what life was like before you these days.  Your daddy and I always say on the rare occasions we find ourselves away from you, how boring life would be without you.  From your contagious laugh and tender heart to your eye rolls, tantrums and sass....we love every bit of you.

The baby and toddler in you is slowly fading away, those baby chubby cheeks are practically gone....and a faint faint line is the only reminder of the once incredibly chunky thighs you once had.  You are getting so tall, which constantly shocks your teeny mama and those baby hairs are now half way down your tiny back.  

Aside from all the obvious physical changes in the last year, you still have the sweetest and tender heart.  You care so deeply for others and their feelings.  You have become so independent and like to do everything yourself, constantly trying to prove how big you are. You talk a million miles a minute, barely stopping for a breath.  You are like a little sponge, and we are constantly being reminded that you are always, always listening.  You are a diva, equal parts spunk and sass.  You are not afraid to speak your mind and it often times has me having to turn away, as to not let you see me laughing and keep my mom game face on.  You love your sister fiercely and it is one of my greatest joys, watching you come into your role as big sister.  

Your love for Jesus is out of this world.  At three years old you already have this special relationship with the lord and this connection that I am in awe of on a daily basis. I pray that God will use you and your outgoing, kind personality and big voice in a great way to advance his kingdom one day.

So, as we continue with this growing up business I have a couple requests for you, my love.  Please always love princesses the way that you do now.  Keep putting princess dresses, tutus, and plastic heels on top of your pajamas and asking me "May I have this dance?" ALWAYS do a little twirl the second you put a dress on, and may you  forever feel like the prettiest girl in the world while doing so, because you, my darling are beautiful...every single part of you.  Keep your free spirit and love of the outdoors.  Keep on rescuing those bugs from the pool, searching for lizards, chasing butterflies and swinging with the wind blowing in your hair and the biggest smile upon your face.  Keep your imagination, you're never too old... and may you always feel comfortable enough to include me.  And at the end of the day I hope a hug and little bit of lip gloss will always cure the troubles in your little world.

No matter what, your mommy and daddy will always love you.  
You are perfect.
You are amazing.
You are beautiful.

We love you to the moon & back.
Mommy & Daddy

Saturday, April 23, 2016

E I G H T months of Jo

E I G H T months!

Holy moly!  I swear time goes by so much faster with your second child.  As with each monthly update....each month keeps on gettin' more and more fun!  Jolie is just as sweet as pie and I don't think I could possibly be more in love with this sweet chunk!

Weight: tba
Height: tba
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: blue/green
Clothes: 6-12 months
Diapers: just bumped up our next diaper bundle to size 4!

Schedule goes as follows:
6:00: 6 oz
9:00 fruit + cheerios or fruit + yogurt
11:00: 6oz
2:30/3: 60z
5:00 veggie
7:00: 8 oz

You are a great little sleeper!  You go to bed exactly at 7 on the dot and sleep until 6/6:30.  You have gotten so good at self soothing, I can now just lay you down and walk out and you put yourself to sleep, although, when daddy is home to watch sissy I do like to still rock you at least once a day.
You nap around 8:00 for like 30/45 mins then 11:00 for 2 hours and 3:30 for an hour.
You sleep with your little security blankets and paci just like your sister did.  Every time I look at you on the monitor you are snuggled up with both.

We have two little baskets with baby toys, I keep one in the playroom and one in the living room.  I can sit those beside you and you will dump them out and go from toy to toy. You also love to play with anythinggggg that belongs to sissy.  You are constantly stealing her crayons and putting them straight to your which she always says "noo joweeeee, not for babies!" and yanks them away. You love love the water...bath time and pool time are your favorite times for playing.  You love to splash and kick.

1) crawling!  you finally took off...well, I guess I wouldn't say took off, you are far from fast....but you are crawling clear across a room these days.  If you want something bad enough you will crawl for it, but you far more prefer being carried and will plop down to your belly and yell for me.  Can we say spoiled?  

2) pulling up!  Along with crawling came pulling up on furniture.  You can now pull yourself up to your knees on the coffee table, couch...and pretty much anything you can get your hands on.  You haven't quite got the hang of getting up to your feet yet though.

3) Eating solids!  we have given you regular ol' people food several times in your highchair and you have loved everything we have given you so far.  chicken, mashed potatoes, cheese and deli meat, rice.

4) giving sugars!  This is my favorite milestone of them all.  I can say give me sugar Jolie and you will open your mouth and plant one right on my face.  Oh how I love the open mouth baby kisses!

First time to the beach!
First time in the pool!

& you love loved both!

Dearest Jolie,

I can't believe you are 8 months, mobile and sweeter than ever! Oh how I wish I could just freeze you just like this!  You are the easiest, sweetest baby ever and you make your mommy want four more just like you!

Time is flying and I can't believe I am already planning your first birthday.  Girl, you need to slow down missy!  You are the biggest lover and I am pretty sure I could...and do kiss on those cheeks all day long.  You love to be cuddled and kissed and sang to..and all of the above make you light up with the biggest of smiles.  You smile with your whole self and its the sweetest thing in the whole. wide. world.

You are such a petite little thing, already tinier than all your little friends...but thats ok, so is mommy and good things come in small packages girlfriend :)  Your blonde hair and blue eyes have mommy and daddy in constant amazement that you are in fact ours! haha.  You love your sister something fierce and that only grows more and more with each passing day.  You are a total mamas girl and well  lets be honest, that just makes me happy happy happy.  

Happy 8 months to our JoJo, Jolie bean, Jolie Polie and as sissy fondly calls you...chubba little wubba!

Mommy & Daddy

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Third Birthday Inspiration

I can't believe in two weeks my sweet baby will be three!  Seriously where did the time go!  I have been asking Brynn for months what she wanted her birthday theme to first I was getting the answer "princess" consistently.  Then, a little while later I got the answer "a pink party."  I had interpreted the two to mean a pink princess party...however she later informed me "no, a pink unicorrrrrrn party."  Mind you, this is all after I had pinned many ideas for pink princess parties.  Oh, two years olds.

Anywho, I am loving her chosen theme. 

Of course, we need all things pink with gold accents..and we will decorate with pink balloons and streamers and flowers.  I already purchased her pretty pink dress that she had her birthday pictures in last week.  The birthday girl has requested her dinner to consist of hot dogs and pink cake.  & candles! I have been constantly reminded not to forget the candles! 
 I think I can handle that! ;)

previous birthday parties: 2nd birthday/ 1st birthday

Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Weekend

Why does the weekend have to end! We had another awesome weekend filled with theeee best weather yet again.  We definitely took advantage and were outside the entire time.  Let's be's the best way to spend it.  The kids are happier outside which equals good moods all around and happy parents. 

After having such a great time at the beach just a few days prior we decided to have another go at it.   It definitely did not disappoint, and we had yet again, a fantastic day.  The girls played in the sand, we dug holes and made castles...swam, looked for shells.  In typical Brynn fashion she met friends, Jolie took a great beach nap and Steve and I were actually able to sit in our chairs for a little bit. haha.

We headed home mid afternoon, laid the kids down and headed out back to spend the rest of the afternoon in the pool.  

Sunday morning was spent in the pool...again ...have I mentioned how happy I am that its pool season again..we did an outside picnic lunch and then the stars aligned and both girls napped at the same time for three hours!

We always save Sunday afternoons for going to my parents house.  My dad works long hours and this is his time to hang out with the kids.  Brynn really looks forward to it and pretty much cries every.single.time she has to leave.  Poor thing.  Totally reminds me of when I was young and would cry the worlds biggest alligator tears every time I had to leave my grandmother.  I love that they have such a special bond already.

And of course no grandparent visit is complete without some tree swinging.

But now it is Monday.  And we needed alllll the coffee.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jolie's first beach trip

A few days ago we made our first beach trip of the year.  The last time we were at the beach was our annual Gulf Shores trip last July when I was hugely pregnant.  Shortly after... Jolie was born, then winter and it has just now gotten nice enough to go again.  Brynn has been beggiiiiinnnng to go to the beach and even pretending she is there during her pretend play.  So, needless to say it was way overdue.  The weather has been pretty bi polar lately... cloudy...windy...cold...then hot.  So, the other day when it was super sunny, not a cloud in the sky and 79 I insisted we go!

We packed up everything in less than 30 minutes, has to be some sorta record, and headed out.  
Last year I could not keep Brynn out of the ocean and this time she was sort of timid.  She was definitely interested but it took a little mama lovin' to get her out there.  Once she was in though it came right back to her and she was all about it and I couldn't get her out for the rest of the day.

This was also Jolie's first time at the beach.  She absolutely loved it and in typical Jolie fashion, I am pretty sure she smiled the whole time.  Well, I take that back....until the waves rolled up and touched her toes.  Nope, she did not like that one bit.  But, otherwise, all about it!
& surprisingly did not try to eat nearly as much sand as I recall her sister doing.  She even passed out for an hour and half nap! Perfection!

We had the best day, and it left me so excited for many more and our upcoming beach vacays over the next few months.  It is definitely my happy place, and I love love love that my littles are the same!  

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend, one I wish we could rewind and rewind.  Has me dreaming of summer days!  It felt just like summer, it was hot, 90 degrees, and pure sunshine!

Friday we woke up and Steve did not have much work that morning so, he suggested we take the girlies to the park.  We packed up and had such a nice time.

He worked that night, so the girls and I rounded up with the afternoon with naps and then played outside in the water hose until the sun set.  Both girls passed out so easy from such a busy day!

Saturday we had another fantastic day.  Full of sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.  We decided to break our pool in that day.  We haven't really used it since November since it has been pretty chilly, but the warm weather lately has finally warmed it up.  We made a quick trip to walmart to get Jolie some swim diapers, and we were ready!  She didn't know what to think at first, but quickly adjusted and loooved it! Grinning up a storm, watching her sisters every move, and sucking up more pool water off her float than is probably healthy.

Brynn just loved having her sister in there with her, and was super eager.  She totally had to be reminded several times to be gentle and careful with all her splashing.  We also finally got break in our new flamingo floats!  Brynn has fondly named her Mingo the the flamingo.

Sunday, all that great weather had disappeared and it was grey gloomy skies.  We packed up and headed over to my moms for the day.  Just hung out, played and of course did a little tree swinging.  Even with her own playground that girl cannot get enough of that swing.  It is still the first thing she asks for upon walking in their house.

It was an awesome weekend and it has me so excited for summer days, staying in our swimsuits and swimming all day out back & of course the beach. Cannot wait for our vacation!  Tomorrow is Monday and its back to reality!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!