Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Swing set fun!

The girls got a swing set from my parents for Christmas and it has been sitting in boxes for three months now in the backyard! Eeek!  Our pool takes up a lot of yard space so we ended up having to extend our fence to make room for it, which ended up being a win win for us!  Kids get their play set and we get a bigger yard!

The past week Steve has been working hard to build and put up the fence.  That was finally done and this was the weekend the swing set was getting built.  I think Brynn had probably started to believe it was never going to happen.  But she is a patient one, that Brynn...which is definitely not something she gets from her mama, I on the other hand have been on her daddy's ass to get this thing done!

First things first, these things are no joke! They are about a million and one pieces and about a million nuts and bolts.  They say it takes on average ten hours with help to put it together and our super dad did it in 14 all by himself! Go daddy!  He really is a handy one, I do need to give him props where they are due.

We played outside and supervised if you will for the two days it was being put together.  Steve hates, double hates this about me because 99% of the time I am finding something that just quite doesn't meet my expectations and requires being redone.  This almost always ends up in a few words being exchanged, him redoing it, then admitting yes indeed I was right.  Of course I was honey.

the supervisors hard at work

But at last it was done!  Brynn woke from her nap and her face was absolutely priceless when she saw it!  Mouth wide open and everything!  She immediately jumped on the swing and while being pushed was repeating " I looooove it! I really looove it! My very own playground!"  She then ran to the top of her playhouse and started belting out Let It Go.  Everything is a stage to that one. 
Even little Jolie got her own swing and boy was that the cutest thing ever!!! She grinned the biggest grin the entire time, laughing and laughing with a few snorts and squeals in the mix.
Needless to say, this is the gift that keeps on giving and we are very excited to enjoy this for years and years to come.


  1. i cant even with that last pic and those chunky legs!! so cute!