Thursday, March 10, 2016

St. Patricks Day Activities

I always like to build up the excitement to each holiday for the kids.
I thought today I would share some of our past St. Pattys fun, along with some new things we have done the past two weeks.

Brynn's first St. Pattys she was 11 months so, I pretty much just kept it to green food :)
(although Im sure she would have loved to dive right into this, she only got a green pancake and the rest was for mama and daddy)

For breakfast I made one of my favorite holiday breakfasts, colored pancakes with cream cheese pudding on top!  If you have not had this before you haaaave got to try it! Heaven in your mouth. topped these with some Lucky Charms :)

Lunch, I put some food coloring in the water while her mac n cheese was cooking to turn the noodles green.

For fun, I dyed some spaghetti noodles all different colors for the rainbow and threw them in the bath tub.  Throw some toys in there to play with, kept her entertained for a good hour!
Again, for this you just put some food coloring in the water while the noodles are boiling.  I did these in batches so I could do several colors.

Last year was obviously more fun since Brynn could do more.

We made lucky charms rice krispy treats (recipe here), did a craft and went on a clover hunt.  For the clover hunt I simple cut out clovers different sizes from construction paper and hid them all around the yard.  I gave her a bag and had her go around to find and collect them.

We started this years festivities this week and tried a few new crafts that Brynn really enjoyed, along with some green Jello for snack.

Hope this gives you a few ideas to make this holiday a little more fun :)

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