Friday, March 18, 2016

S E V E N months of Jo

Another month has come and gone and our sweet Jo is 7 months already!
Each month gets better than the last and I know it will only get more fun!

Height 26 inches
Weight 17.5 lbs
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: blue/green


Eating about four 6 oz bottles a day at 7, 11, 3 and 7.
Eating three meals a day.
Breakfast a fruit.  Sometimes yogurt.  Lunch and dinner a veggie.  All homemade by momma, I definitely am much busier these days but I feel obligated since I did the same for sister.  Thankfully the baby food stage is very short.

Sleeping a solid 7 to 6/7 every night and about three naps a day, a short morning one around 8:30 then around 11 and again at 2:30.  Naps are finally getting longer! Hallelujah!

Mostly 6 months stuff.  Have started to pull out sisters old stuff 6-12m.  and am excited to start dressing her up in some of my old favorites.  Something about dressing them in the same things, makes my heart skip a beat every time I put her in something that I loved so much on Brynn.

Such a good little independent player.  She is pretty much happy with a basket of toys next to her and even happier if sister is playing with her.  

First time at the zoo.
First time eating puffs & yogurt melts.
St. Patricks Day
Drinking water from a sippy cup.

Reaching up for me to pick her up.
Says mamama and dadada.  Definitely knows that daddy is dada and says it when he appears but just working on mama.
Can officially put her paci back in by herself in the crib!!! Another Hallelujah!

Dearest Jolie,

Pretty girl, you are getting more precious by the day.  It's so hard to put into words exactly how special you are to this family of ours.  You are getting more personality with each passing day.   You are still the smiliest little thing I have ever seen.  & oh, the little two teeth gummy smile is just my most favoritest thing on this planet.  Well that, and your tiny toes, squishy cheeks and rolls.  

You have turned into a stage five clinger this month and it reminds me of exactly how your sister was at this age.  You are perfectly fine playing till you see me start walking away and then you loose your marbles, reach those arms high in the air and cry/whine.  That's another thing, you have perfected the fake whine!   Ohhh the whine.  But I keep reminding myself its all just a short your sister is so independent these days and I often have to beg her to come cuddle with me.  You also have developed stranger danger and aren't too sure about new people and will start to freak and reach to go back to me.  So pitiful when that little bottom lip comes out and all, but can't say I don't love it :)

Speaking of your sister, you two are inseparable.  You are playing more and more together everyday and I just love that she loves to include you, tea parties, dolls, blocks you name it.  No one makes you laugh quite like her and I am fairly certain she just might be your favorite person.

Love you endlessly sweet girl,
Mommy & Daddy

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  1. Happy seven months! That is great she is content playing on her own! She is a little beauty and I know what you mean about dressing her up, it is so much fun!