Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life lately

We haven't had anything monumental or super exciting happen around these parts lately, so I thought I would just catch up with a few random things.  Girls are in bed and I am sitting here with my wine going through my camera roll.

Boy these days sure are full and are going by sooo fast.  At the end of the day I am always super wiped out, but looking at these pictures always make me smile and wish I could go in their rooms for one more kiss.

Twonagers.  I absolutely cannotttt believe this little girl of mine will be three this month! Where does the time go.  I feel like I blinked and I have myself a big girl.  She is definitely every part a twonager....going on threenager.  She is so sassy, but equal parts sweet.  Im not quite ready for her to turn three... and that might just be because I am scared I might not survive it! haha  One day she has me throwing my hands up ready to wave the white flag....and the next minute she has me wondering how I got so incredibly lucky!  Toddlers...

Frozen on Ice.
Just like most toddler girls...everything is princess! Brynn really loves them all, and I couldn't tell you her favorite if I tried...she can't will always get a different answer.  We have seen all the princess movies and pretty much binge watch a different one every week.  Lately we have been back on a frozen kick, so I knew when Frozen came to town we would have to go.

I ordered her an Elsa dress so she could look the part and it was seriously the best thing that ever happened to her haha. 

She sang along to every single song just as precious as can be.

Oh Miss Jolie.
She is on all fours and rocking and scooting all over. Just on the very brinks of becoming mobile.  While I cannot wait for her to finally be able to keep up with her sister and for them to be able to take playing to the next level...I surely know that I am in for more work!
(nevermind all the easter decor on the table waiting to be put back in the attic)

But oh how cute does she look!

Sister love.
These girls sure do love each other and there is nothing I love more than watching their relationship grow.

And that about sums up our life lately.  Nothing to crazy, but gosh I love it!  I wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

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