Friday, March 4, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday Everyone, so happy it's the weekend!  So, here are five things I'm sharing from this past week.



We survived our first dentist trip!  I wasn't quite sure how it would go since she told me all week she was NOT going, but girl was a rockstar and so well behaved!  Going to do a full recap of Brynn's first experience next week.

Hello Fresh!

I'm not sure why I am so late to hop on this train, but I am loving this!  We are doing the three days a week meal plan for two, which is working perfectly for us and is just enough to feed Brynn from our plates as well.  They have several yummy choices for each week and I am loving how it is breaking me out of my comfort zone and getting me to try new things.  Wanna try?  
Use this referral code:K4XQRC for $40 off your first week! We do the three days a week for $69 that would make it only 29$, can't beat that!

Flamingos!  We are flamingo obsessed over here and I am loving seeing all these cute flamingo prints around for kiddie clothes.  I picked up these matching bathing suits at Target this week for the girl's Easter baskets.  Can't wait for our pool to get warmer!


We celebrated this daddy's 39th (whoa!) birthday this week!  We tried to convince him to go to the beach but he insisted on finishing up the fence.  Family came over for dinner...and the birthday boy's choice was pizza and wings and cookie cake.  Brynn loves cooking everyones birthday cake and helping them blow out the candles.  And that's right, a piece is already missing.  A certain toddler could not wait to dig in and her sweet daddy didn't mind letting her get her piece early.


Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to enter our Free Babes bow giveaway on instagram (Laurynbecca).  Follow us and check a couple posts back to enter to win a $50 shop credit.  You can also use the code LAURYN for 15% off.

TGIF Ya'll!


  1. My Hubby turns 39 this year, too, and he could care less about birthday parties. We are complete opposites when it comes to parties and celebrations.

    Love the flamingo bathing suit!

    1. My husband too, very low key :) Happy Friday!