Tuesday, March 15, 2016

First Dentist Visit

About a week ago Brynn had her first dentist visit!
At Brynn's 2 year checkup the doctor told me it was time to take her to have her teeth checked, and well... I guess I procrastinated, but that's besides the point right?!?! We went....before three, so I consider that following the rules. Sooo, any who..

For the week prior I had been telling her that we were going and she was, well, not thrilled about the idea.  She was constantly replying to me with, I don't want to go!  or.... my favorite,  I'm not going!
So, needless to say I was very nervous that I would be dragging her through the door kicking and screaming.   So I definitely decided to insist the help of daddy on this one. Grandma came to watch Jolie and the three of us went to the dentist.

Leading up to the visit I tried to calm her nerves by showing her youtube videos of kids going to the dentist...this did notttt work.  She still insisted she was not going.  It was not until I showed her an episode of Peppa Pig going to the dentist that her entire mood changed.  After watching the show she decided that she wanted to go right that second and was actually pretty excited about it.  Thank you Peppa!

We chose a pediatric dentist and the office was super kid friendly, she went right to the toys and started playing.  Once they called her in you could tell she was a little nervous but went in willingly.  Everything was colorful and Disney Jr was on a big tv in front of her.  They explained to me that most kids this age won't let them do a full cleaning and they could just check her teeth instead but, that it was up to me.  I decided to let them try to do the cleaning and if she didn't like it we would stop.  I didn't want this to turn out to be a negative experience so, I decided to follow Brynns lead.  

She ended up complying, although, as you can see from her expression I think she was nervous. She ended up letting them do everything and let them do a full cleaning on her.  The hygienist was so sweet and showed her all the tools before she used them and even had cute names for all of them.  She was definitely keeping a watchful eye on her as you can tell from the picture below, which makes me laugh every time!

She ended up being cavity free! Yippee.  Collected her coins, traded them in for her prize and went on her merry way!  I was so so proud of her...and it turned out to be another one of those times where I totally pre-freaked out for no reason. Read also: transitioning to big girl bed, taking the paci away, potty training.  Hmm guess I should be a little more optimistic ;)  Ill work on that!
Go Brynn!

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