Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Easter Traditions

I love love Easter, I mean heck, really I love most all holidays.  But, Easter...such a special and fun holiday.  Today I thought I would share some of our favorite Easter activities.  I started back with Brynn's first Easter and have just continued to do the same things each year..and then look to add one or two new activities each year.


For the past two years I have been doing this little mini egg snack/lunch.  So fun and you can fill them up with just about anything.  I love to fill one with a special "peep" treat :)

Last year since Brynn was old enough to start helping we made bunny bait for our Easter friends play date.  Holy addicting.  We now make this for just about any holiday and change the color m&m's and sprinkles to coordinate.  Super easy and toddler friendly.  You can find the recipe easily on pinterest.


As a former kindergarten teacher I looove doing crafts.  Brynn and I usually do at least two crafts a week together during our morning school time.  I started this when she was super young and it is something that she has continued to love.  I usually look on pinterest for some ideas or use some ideas from back in my classroom days.


Egg bath: this is one of our favorites.  Some bath color tablets, a few bags of eggs from the dollar store and some bubbles.  Tons of fun!

Dying eggs:
Duh.  We skipped this our first year, but last year when Brynn was two she really enjoyed it.  

Egg hunt:  We love to fill up several eggs and throw them around the yard Easter day for a fun tradition.  


I try to have a fun or special breakfast for most holidays.  Cookie cutter pancakes for some festive shapes, or colored coordinated fruit. Just a special touch to make the day more festive.


The Easter bunny always visits and leaves a few goodies. Always a swimsuit, always a Disney dvd to add to the collection.  Bubbles, chalk and candy always included.

Can't wait to include Jolie in this years festivities.   I  have already started gathering some cute stuff here and there and can't wait to put it all together.

And because how cute is Miss Jo in Brynn's same bunny hat from three years ago :)

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