Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life lately

We haven't had anything monumental or super exciting happen around these parts lately, so I thought I would just catch up with a few random things.  Girls are in bed and I am sitting here with my wine going through my camera roll.

Boy these days sure are full and are going by sooo fast.  At the end of the day I am always super wiped out, but looking at these pictures always make me smile and wish I could go in their rooms for one more kiss.

Twonagers.  I absolutely cannotttt believe this little girl of mine will be three this month! Where does the time go.  I feel like I blinked and I have myself a big girl.  She is definitely every part a twonager....going on threenager.  She is so sassy, but equal parts sweet.  Im not quite ready for her to turn three... and that might just be because I am scared I might not survive it! haha  One day she has me throwing my hands up ready to wave the white flag....and the next minute she has me wondering how I got so incredibly lucky!  Toddlers...

Frozen on Ice.
Just like most toddler girls...everything is princess! Brynn really loves them all, and I couldn't tell you her favorite if I tried...she can't will always get a different answer.  We have seen all the princess movies and pretty much binge watch a different one every week.  Lately we have been back on a frozen kick, so I knew when Frozen came to town we would have to go.

I ordered her an Elsa dress so she could look the part and it was seriously the best thing that ever happened to her haha. 

She sang along to every single song just as precious as can be.

Oh Miss Jolie.
She is on all fours and rocking and scooting all over. Just on the very brinks of becoming mobile.  While I cannot wait for her to finally be able to keep up with her sister and for them to be able to take playing to the next level...I surely know that I am in for more work!
(nevermind all the easter decor on the table waiting to be put back in the attic)

But oh how cute does she look!

Sister love.
These girls sure do love each other and there is nothing I love more than watching their relationship grow.

And that about sums up our life lately.  Nothing to crazy, but gosh I love it!  I wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

We started kicking off our Easter weekend on Saturday with our traditional egg lunch.  Brynn loves this, and her favorite is alwaaaays the peep.

After lunch and naps, Grandma came over to dye eggs with us.  I ended up choosing this princess egg decorating kit with Brynn the week before.  It ended up being sooo much fun adding the hair and accessories and setting up the castle.  Perfect for our little princess obsessed munchkin!

I ordered these monogrammed baskets a few weeks back and I am so in love with them.  They are so pretty and I love that the girls will have these forever and ever.

That night I dressed the girls up in their matching Easter pajamas.  I am pretty much obsessed with holiday pajamas.  No holiday is complete without them and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Easter morning these girls were up bright and early.  The first words from Brynn's mouth were "Did the Easter Bunny come?!?!"

Brynn was amazed by the bunny footprints in our driveway....
& even more amazed by the two flamingo floats the bunny left in our pool!

After morning nap we got dressed to go to grandma and papas house, at this point I think you can tell by the girls faces they were over pictures!  Which is why I am so glad that I took pictures of them in their Easter outfits several days prior.

We had our usual egg hunt, without competition haha.  Brynn still doesn't have any cousins and with little Jolie still so tiny she still gets all them eggs to herself.  Next year will be so much fun when Jolie can participate.

Daddy was able to stay until the egg hunt and then had to hurry off to work.  We missed him dearly and ended up not getting a single family picture which, I am so sad about, but we had a lovely day.  

We are so thankful for our Savior!  We have such a blessed life and could not be more thankful for his ultimate sacrifice.

It was a happy happy Easter!

Friday, March 18, 2016

S E V E N months of Jo

Another month has come and gone and our sweet Jo is 7 months already!
Each month gets better than the last and I know it will only get more fun!

Height 26 inches
Weight 17.5 lbs
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: blue/green


Eating about four 6 oz bottles a day at 7, 11, 3 and 7.
Eating three meals a day.
Breakfast a fruit.  Sometimes yogurt.  Lunch and dinner a veggie.  All homemade by momma, I definitely am much busier these days but I feel obligated since I did the same for sister.  Thankfully the baby food stage is very short.

Sleeping a solid 7 to 6/7 every night and about three naps a day, a short morning one around 8:30 then around 11 and again at 2:30.  Naps are finally getting longer! Hallelujah!

Mostly 6 months stuff.  Have started to pull out sisters old stuff 6-12m.  and am excited to start dressing her up in some of my old favorites.  Something about dressing them in the same things, makes my heart skip a beat every time I put her in something that I loved so much on Brynn.

Such a good little independent player.  She is pretty much happy with a basket of toys next to her and even happier if sister is playing with her.  

First time at the zoo.
First time eating puffs & yogurt melts.
St. Patricks Day
Drinking water from a sippy cup.

Reaching up for me to pick her up.
Says mamama and dadada.  Definitely knows that daddy is dada and says it when he appears but just working on mama.
Can officially put her paci back in by herself in the crib!!! Another Hallelujah!

Dearest Jolie,

Pretty girl, you are getting more precious by the day.  It's so hard to put into words exactly how special you are to this family of ours.  You are getting more personality with each passing day.   You are still the smiliest little thing I have ever seen.  & oh, the little two teeth gummy smile is just my most favoritest thing on this planet.  Well that, and your tiny toes, squishy cheeks and rolls.  

You have turned into a stage five clinger this month and it reminds me of exactly how your sister was at this age.  You are perfectly fine playing till you see me start walking away and then you loose your marbles, reach those arms high in the air and cry/whine.  That's another thing, you have perfected the fake whine!   Ohhh the whine.  But I keep reminding myself its all just a short your sister is so independent these days and I often have to beg her to come cuddle with me.  You also have developed stranger danger and aren't too sure about new people and will start to freak and reach to go back to me.  So pitiful when that little bottom lip comes out and all, but can't say I don't love it :)

Speaking of your sister, you two are inseparable.  You are playing more and more together everyday and I just love that she loves to include you, tea parties, dolls, blocks you name it.  No one makes you laugh quite like her and I am fairly certain she just might be your favorite person.

Love you endlessly sweet girl,
Mommy & Daddy

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Swing set fun!

The girls got a swing set from my parents for Christmas and it has been sitting in boxes for three months now in the backyard! Eeek!  Our pool takes up a lot of yard space so we ended up having to extend our fence to make room for it, which ended up being a win win for us!  Kids get their play set and we get a bigger yard!

The past week Steve has been working hard to build and put up the fence.  That was finally done and this was the weekend the swing set was getting built.  I think Brynn had probably started to believe it was never going to happen.  But she is a patient one, that Brynn...which is definitely not something she gets from her mama, I on the other hand have been on her daddy's ass to get this thing done!

First things first, these things are no joke! They are about a million and one pieces and about a million nuts and bolts.  They say it takes on average ten hours with help to put it together and our super dad did it in 14 all by himself! Go daddy!  He really is a handy one, I do need to give him props where they are due.

We played outside and supervised if you will for the two days it was being put together.  Steve hates, double hates this about me because 99% of the time I am finding something that just quite doesn't meet my expectations and requires being redone.  This almost always ends up in a few words being exchanged, him redoing it, then admitting yes indeed I was right.  Of course I was honey.

the supervisors hard at work

But at last it was done!  Brynn woke from her nap and her face was absolutely priceless when she saw it!  Mouth wide open and everything!  She immediately jumped on the swing and while being pushed was repeating " I looooove it! I really looove it! My very own playground!"  She then ran to the top of her playhouse and started belting out Let It Go.  Everything is a stage to that one. 
Even little Jolie got her own swing and boy was that the cutest thing ever!!! She grinned the biggest grin the entire time, laughing and laughing with a few snorts and squeals in the mix.
Needless to say, this is the gift that keeps on giving and we are very excited to enjoy this for years and years to come.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

First Dentist Visit

About a week ago Brynn had her first dentist visit!
At Brynn's 2 year checkup the doctor told me it was time to take her to have her teeth checked, and well... I guess I procrastinated, but that's besides the point right?!?! We went....before three, so I consider that following the rules. Sooo, any who..

For the week prior I had been telling her that we were going and she was, well, not thrilled about the idea.  She was constantly replying to me with, I don't want to go!  or.... my favorite,  I'm not going!
So, needless to say I was very nervous that I would be dragging her through the door kicking and screaming.   So I definitely decided to insist the help of daddy on this one. Grandma came to watch Jolie and the three of us went to the dentist.

Leading up to the visit I tried to calm her nerves by showing her youtube videos of kids going to the dentist...this did notttt work.  She still insisted she was not going.  It was not until I showed her an episode of Peppa Pig going to the dentist that her entire mood changed.  After watching the show she decided that she wanted to go right that second and was actually pretty excited about it.  Thank you Peppa!

We chose a pediatric dentist and the office was super kid friendly, she went right to the toys and started playing.  Once they called her in you could tell she was a little nervous but went in willingly.  Everything was colorful and Disney Jr was on a big tv in front of her.  They explained to me that most kids this age won't let them do a full cleaning and they could just check her teeth instead but, that it was up to me.  I decided to let them try to do the cleaning and if she didn't like it we would stop.  I didn't want this to turn out to be a negative experience so, I decided to follow Brynns lead.  

She ended up complying, although, as you can see from her expression I think she was nervous. She ended up letting them do everything and let them do a full cleaning on her.  The hygienist was so sweet and showed her all the tools before she used them and even had cute names for all of them.  She was definitely keeping a watchful eye on her as you can tell from the picture below, which makes me laugh every time!

She ended up being cavity free! Yippee.  Collected her coins, traded them in for her prize and went on her merry way!  I was so so proud of her...and it turned out to be another one of those times where I totally pre-freaked out for no reason. Read also: transitioning to big girl bed, taking the paci away, potty training.  Hmm guess I should be a little more optimistic ;)  Ill work on that!
Go Brynn!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Lucky Charms Munch Mix

Lucky Charms Munch Mix

This past week the girls and I whipped up this super simple and quick St. Patrick's Day snack.
It turned out super yummy...but warning its super addictive!

1 box of lucky charms cereal (we used the St. Patty's special edition)
6 cups of pretzel sticks
1 bag of m&ms
1container of white chocolate almond bark
(optional: food coloring)
green or rainbow sprinkles (we used left over green from Christmas)

1. pour out all the cereal and pick out all of the marshmallows and put into a separate large bowl
2. mix pretzels, m&m's, marshmallows into the same large bowl 
3. Lay out a long sheet of wax paper and spread the mix out evenly on top.
3. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave.
4. Pour the white chocolate over the mixture and mix to evenly coat.  (we used our hands for this part)
(at this point I also separated some of the white chocolate into small bowls and added some food coloring to make a few extra colors to drizzle over top, make sure to work quickly if you choose to do this because it does dry up the chocolate.)
5. Sprinkle sprinkles on top while chocolate is still wet.
6. When dry break apart and pour into a container to serve.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Fri-yay!  So excited it is finally Friday!  Can't wait to spend it outdoors with my fam jam!

Here are five things I'm sharing from this week :)

1. This weather! Oh my,  it has been in the upper 70's low 80's and sunny!  So warm and perfect that this actually happened!  Swimsuits and splash parks!  Makes me so excited for summer!

2. Sink baths.  Now, I know this is nothing new, but I haven't done these since Brynn was a teeny babe.  But, with Jolie being so messy after her dinner and me needing something to occupy them both while I cook dinner for the rest of us...this has been the perfect solution.  They seriously can't get enough.  And oh how my mama heart dreads the day these tiny little booties don't fit in my farm sink anymore.

3. Barbies.
My mom had sent over a big box of my old barbies a while back which had just been sitting in my garage.  Brynn found them the other day and asked to see them, so we busted them out and I've never seen something keep her occupied for so many days, and so many hours!  

4.Sibling love.

Jolie is approaching 7 months and with each passing month the girls are showing more and more interest in each other.  I love seeing Brynn include her in forts and tea parties and dolls.  Can't wait to see their sister relationship grow.

5.  St. Pattys day.
Yesterday I shared some of my favorite baby and toddler St. Patty's activities.  And yesterday afternoon we made a super yummy new treat and I can't wait to share it with you all next week.  
Seriously addictive!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

St. Patricks Day Activities

I always like to build up the excitement to each holiday for the kids.
I thought today I would share some of our past St. Pattys fun, along with some new things we have done the past two weeks.

Brynn's first St. Pattys she was 11 months so, I pretty much just kept it to green food :)
(although Im sure she would have loved to dive right into this, she only got a green pancake and the rest was for mama and daddy)

For breakfast I made one of my favorite holiday breakfasts, colored pancakes with cream cheese pudding on top!  If you have not had this before you haaaave got to try it! Heaven in your mouth. topped these with some Lucky Charms :)

Lunch, I put some food coloring in the water while her mac n cheese was cooking to turn the noodles green.

For fun, I dyed some spaghetti noodles all different colors for the rainbow and threw them in the bath tub.  Throw some toys in there to play with, kept her entertained for a good hour!
Again, for this you just put some food coloring in the water while the noodles are boiling.  I did these in batches so I could do several colors.

Last year was obviously more fun since Brynn could do more.

We made lucky charms rice krispy treats (recipe here), did a craft and went on a clover hunt.  For the clover hunt I simple cut out clovers different sizes from construction paper and hid them all around the yard.  I gave her a bag and had her go around to find and collect them.

We started this years festivities this week and tried a few new crafts that Brynn really enjoyed, along with some green Jello for snack.

Hope this gives you a few ideas to make this holiday a little more fun :)