Friday, February 19, 2016

6 months

Six months...Half a year! Howwwwww!
I can't believe we half a year has passed since we brought this sweet pea home from the hospital.  I mean, really it feels like I was just pregnant and it feels like I was just in the hospital giving birth.  In a few months it will be time to start planning her first birthday! Is this for real? Say it isn't so!

I mean seriously mamas.... don't let you babies turn six months old.  Something happens. They become more independent...and sit up...and play with toys and act all grown. Kidding...but only kind of.  Sigh.  I just love watching her get older and learn and grow, but man do I wish I could keep these squishy cheeks forever. And while we are on the subject of wishes, I sure wish she would fall asleep in my arms for the rest of time.  I seriously cannot remember at all for the life of me the last time Brynn fell asleep in my arms.  

Well, I guess such is life.  But, boy is she every bit delicious.  I could hold her and kiss her all day every day....

We have yet to go to our six month appointment so I will fill these in after our appointment.


Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Oh so indescribable.  Some days grey...some days blue...and some days I swear they are turning green like mine. So, shall we say... "No clue"

Clothes: six months and I don't forsee them being outgrown any time soon.  Plenty of room to grow.

Diapers: size three.

Eat: Eating still 6 oz bottles.  schedule as follows:
5/6 am.

A fruit and yogurt in the morning and a vegetable at night around 5.

Sleep:  Although we have been on a sleep schedule of down at 7 on the dot each night we were still doing a middle of the night feed around 3.  I decided that after starting solids twice a day you no longer needed that feeding and we dropped that.  It took a good two nights of crying but you are now sleeping straight from 7 to 5 or 6.  we feed you at this time and you sleep again until around 7:30.  You decided you like the paci again this month (thank you baby jesus) and wow, what a game changer.  Pop that thing in your mouth and you are soothed to sleep instantly.  After it being such a blessing with your sister I had been persistent at offering it to you at least once a week... hoping you would eventually like it.

Play:  Now that you are sitting up perfectly and unassisted life has gotten much easier.  You love to sit on the floor and play with your toys.  You can keep yourself occupied for a long time.  Same with the bouncer...If I sit you in there you can sometimes stay in there close to an hour playing.  Something I am so not used to.  I always had to be a playmate for Brynn, but you seem to be able to entertain yourself quite well.  You and your sister adore each other and play so nicely.  She tries to do just about anything to get a laugh out of you and and you pretty much do laugh at her all day long.  You are now fully obsessed with the dog!  When she enters the room you laugh and laugh and squeal with delight as you reach for a fist full of fur.  You have also become quite obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  As soon as that little mouse walks over that hill and starts talking you whip that head around as fast as you can to find the tv and start squealing on top of your lungs.  The hot dog dance gets you every single time, as it did with your sister too.  Something about that Mr. Mickey Mouse.

Firsts: celebrated your first Valentines Day
sitting up fully unassisted.
first two teeth!

Dearest Jolie,

You, sweet angel, are growing like a weed.  Maybe not are actually quite petite. are learning more each day, doing something new every time I blink.
I love you so much it hurts.
And the more interactive you become, the stronger my love grows.  

You are too precious for words.  The best way I can describe how I feel about you is obsessed. You bring a joy into our lives that is just so indescribable.  You are a total mamas girl and it gets me every single time.  It's so hard for me to put you down or to walk away...and I almost always sneak back for just a few more kisses. The second I put you to bed I miss you terribly....and the smile you give me when I walk in to get you melts me to the core.

Brynn and your relationship is continuing to grow more and more each day and there is nothing I love more in this world than watching the way you two love each other.  The way your faces light up for each other when you are reunited each morning gets me every. single. time.  If you sneeze she is so quick to bless you, you spit up she is there to wipe it, you tip over she is there to pick you back up.  The way you two laugh at each other with the biggest belly laughs is quite possibly the best sound my ears ever did hear.  It gives me this little glimpse into special bond you two will always hold.

We love you little miss Jolie.

XOXO Mommy & daddy

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