Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tossing the Paci

Brynn has loved her dear paci from the moment she was born.  It was love at first sight for her and this thing, from the get go in the hospital.  Although the beginning was difficult and caused quite the headache or two with her screaming for it at night when she was to young to put in back in on her own, it eventually was a saving grace.  Upset, teething, can't sleep, got a boo boo....the paci cured all. And our sweet angel slept through the night from 6 weeks on.  I don't think I could sing enough praises for this thing.  Hence, why I waited and waited to do the dreaded dead of taking it away.

The pediatrician told us as long as it was gone by two we were fine.  So two was always the deadline.  Well,l once Brynn celebrated her second birthday we moved her to her big girl bed.  Then, I read that when making that big transition you should not do anything else like taking away the paci or potty training etc.  One thing at a time.  So, we waited.   Then, I read that when a new baby is here nothing should be changed for a looong time since it is such a big transition time for siblings.  So, we prolonged some more.  Google is really good at making me lose sleep.  Brynn had quite the hard time with sharing Steve and I and emotionally it was very difficult for her to not have our full attention 247 anymore.  It took a lot of adjusting and thus.. the paci became even more soothing to her.  Once just being used at nap and bedtime, now being used 247.  The obsession was real and I had a hard time keeping it from her.

Finally one day about a month ago now I woke up and told Steve that's it this thing has got to go! I started getting worried that this obsession would just build more, so just like that we made a plan.  All day we talked about how the next day would be a special day to say goodbye to the paci.  Brynn woke up that morning very excited about her "special" day!  We got dressed up and headed to target.  We started with cake pops and proceeded to the toy section.  Brynn had had her eye on this singing Elsa doll so that was the chosen toy.  She was very excited about her and pushed her around the whole store.  When we go home she gave her paci one last kiss and just like that tossed it into the trash while saying " I will very miss him!" It was at that point I wanted to just cry all the mommy tears ever thinking I just took away the last little thing that made my baby seem like a baby.  We went inside and everything was forgotten while she played the morning away with Elsa.

Enter nap time.  If I thought at that time it was going smoothly I was wronggg.  The poor girl cried for an hour and 45 mins hysterical until she finally passed out.  Then, upon waking up was even more upset screaming that she didn't like Elsa anymore and wanted her paci.  At this point I felt awful and wanted to cry some more myself...and actually did right along side her.  My heart broke for her and thinking that she had no idea why we just took this beloved thing of hers.  Telling her it will mess up her teeth obviously means nothing to a two year old.  Bed time was hard again, but when she woke up she was proud of herself and we made a big deal again.  By the second day it was even easier....and by the third day she has never asked about it again.

I am so proud of her and just like with most things when it comes to her I worried way more about how hard it would be than what it actually turned out to be.  Now onto finishing up this potty training business. ;)

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