Monday, January 18, 2016

F I V E months of Jolie

Time is such a thief.  He we are five months with our little love nugget. 
Bringing more joy into our lives with each passing day.

No doctors appointment this month.  Her next appointment will be six months.
So measurements this month are home measurements.

Weight: 15lbs
Height: 24 inches
home measurements

Hair Color: sandy blonde
Eye Color: blue

Eating:  6 ounce bottles every three to four hours and an 8 oz before bed.  New this month is that we started solids.  Jolie has always suffered from bad constipation and the doctor recommended starting solids and walaaa whadda ya know...little bit is regular and suffering way less in that department.  We started with pears last week, and sweet potatoes this week.  She has totally loved both and took to it like a pro right away.

Sleep:  Still doing great in the crib.  Going down at 7 and waking usually once.  A couple of times sleeping 7 to 7 but mostly waking between 4 and 5 to eat and sleeping again until around 7ish.
We have been doing the crib for naps also this month and most naps last about an hour.  I remember that with Brynn I didn't get the super long several hour naps until she was able to wear herself out more crawling.  So, I guess we are on track.

Milestones: Rolling in both directions now and will actually roll and roll and roll from one side of the room to the other.

Grabbing at my face, which I just love.  The first time I was singing in the rocking chair putting her to bed when she reached up and kept petting my face. ugh, all the feels about this sweet love bug.

Coos and talking getting much louder along with deeper belly laughs.

and the big one is that little miss is sitting up.  Not totally like leave her alone and walk away but she has pretty much got it down, if she whips around too much or loses focus she will definitely topple over still, but she is definitely doing it for spans of time unassisted these days.

Firsts: mini cold.  Sissy got her second cold and it was heck keeping her and her little germy self away from you and thus you got a little runny nose but nothing major.  It did make me a little sad though, because Brynn never got sick until 27 months.

Likes: Being sang to, talked to....any and all attention, little ham.  Chewing on her wash cloth in the bath...and baths themselves also.  Loves splashing now.

watching sister and anything and everything she does.

Dislikes: getting hungry and the time between getting her diaper on and pajamas on after bath while she is waiting on that last bottle.  again...little porker ;)

Dearest Jolie,

You my dear are the light of my life.  I always knew I would love you, but oh my, I never imagined my heart was capable of this much love.

You are getting so much personality with each passing day.  Everyone who meets you or sees you always comments on just how happy you are.  Joy and happiness just radiates from you and I often find myself daydreaming of what you will be like as a little girl..your disposition, the sound of your sweet voice. At the end of each day I always find myself missing you and wishing I could go wake you up just to get some more kisses on those big sweet cheekies.

I cannot believe in one short month you will be half a year old, halfway to is that even possible.  I am definitely soaking up all your baby-ness.  Gosh, you are delicious.  In our quiet rocking time in the nursery I often find myself trying to imprint all of your tiny features in my mind.  How soft your cheeks are, your tiny little pout lips and how they separate just a tiny bit when you fall asleep, the smell of your head...the squishiness of your cheeks pressed on my shoulder, your sweet baby breath on my neck.  I know now, matter how much I study you, how many pictures or home videos I take...somehow one day you just can't remember anymore.  Oh how I wish there was some sort of magic to change that.

Miss the meantime we will just keep loving you more with each passing day my dear.
You are perfect.

Love you to the moon and back,
Mommy & Daddy

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  1. Oh my goodness, she is a beauty! I love how you used the flowers! Deep belly laughs are the best!