Thursday, December 10, 2015

Decking the Halls

We have been slowly adding all our holiday decor around the house and decking the halls.  The weekend after Thanksgiving Steve and Brynn decorated the outside of the house.  

That Sunday we bought our Christmas tree and took a whole week before we were able to get around to decorating it! has been so busy lately but we are embracing the craziness.  Brynn really enjoyed studying all the ornaments and decorating the whole tree completely at her eye level ;)

We also started doing an advent holiday bible study on December first.  It has been so amazing.  Each day we open an envelope and read the clue.  I then read a corresponding bible story and Brynn listens for the clue and points out when she hears it.  Each story has an ornament craft that goes with it.  We put each of them on the little mini tree in her room.  I have loved doing this with her and remain more and more in awe each day with how much she is taking in and learning about the Christmas story.  It warms my heart in so many ways.  

And finally, there is definitely not a shortage of Christmas outfits in this house :) 

I just love dressing these little bunnies up!

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