Monday, December 28, 2015

Jolie- 4 Months

Four months...holy moly!  This little nugget of ours is pure joy.  We are definitely in a honeymoon period with this little baby.  One day we woke up and the colic had just disappeared and had us on pins and needles waiting for it to come back, but guess what! It didn't...and finally, FINALLLLYYYY this precious angel at four months finally stopped crying.  & the heavens parted and the sun shined down and the angels sang!!!! Really that's what it was like.

Little miss is the happiest thing on the planet these days and never never stops smiling.  Seriously just look in her direction and she will smile a smile as big as her whole face.  She is too precious for words.  She hardly ever cries...just fusses when she is hungry or starting to get tired but that is it.  I can't say it enough, it is glorious.  I definitely know this is a precious little time...where they are happy...way interactive...but aren't yet mobile.  ;)

Weight: home measurements 13.5 lbs
Height: 24 inches
( we had to postpone your appointment until the 30th so I am so so curious to see if you are still the tiniest of things or if you shot up in them growth charts :) )

Eat:  Little miss is still eating consistently every 3 to 4 hours, mostly 3 and 5 ounces.

Sleep: A week before four months I transitioned her to her crib.  Bath, lotion, jammies, eat...down at 7.  It took about four days but you now go down with minimal crying and wake around 4 or 5 for a feeding and go back down until around 7.

Play:  Jolie loves her little play mat now.  Loves to bat at all the toys hanging down in front of her.  She is also grabbing at everything so she loves to hold on to little toys and rattles and sophie the giraffe.  We put her in the bouncer for the first time this month and she loves it and can hang out in there sometimes for 20 minutes before she is over it and wants something new.

Milestones: On the day of her four month birthday she rolled over from back to tummy and now is doing in constantly and so proud of herself.  She also found her toes this month and loves to grab her feet when laying on her back.  One of the cutest milestones for sure. & laughs...oh you are just giggling from deep in that belly of yours.

Firsts: Sleeping in your crib.  Celebrated your first Halloween and Thanksgiving :)

Dearest Jolie,

You are such a little dream boat.  Just when I think you couldn't get any cuter, you somehow manage to do it!  I know I say it every month but, ugh that smile.  It takes up your whole little face and it just looks like you are smiling from the inside.  You really are the happiest baby I have ever seen, just full of the most joy.  People always ask if you are always smiling, and really, you always are.

You continue to bring so much happiness to this little family of ours.  You and your sister are getting closer with each day.  You really light up every time you see her and watch her so carefully following her all around the room.  Boy does she adore you also, I don't think there is any sweeter noise than hearing her use her baby voice to talk to you, calling you chubby monkey, Jolie Bean,  Jo Jo, sweet gurrrwl...(endless nicknames) and hearing you laugh the biggest belly laughs back.  I don't ever want to wish away time, but boy do I dream of the day you two can finally play together.

Thank you for bringing us endless amounts of happiness sweet girl. We love you something fierce.

Mommy & Daddy

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Decking the Halls

We have been slowly adding all our holiday decor around the house and decking the halls.  The weekend after Thanksgiving Steve and Brynn decorated the outside of the house.  

That Sunday we bought our Christmas tree and took a whole week before we were able to get around to decorating it! has been so busy lately but we are embracing the craziness.  Brynn really enjoyed studying all the ornaments and decorating the whole tree completely at her eye level ;)

We also started doing an advent holiday bible study on December first.  It has been so amazing.  Each day we open an envelope and read the clue.  I then read a corresponding bible story and Brynn listens for the clue and points out when she hears it.  Each story has an ornament craft that goes with it.  We put each of them on the little mini tree in her room.  I have loved doing this with her and remain more and more in awe each day with how much she is taking in and learning about the Christmas story.  It warms my heart in so many ways.  

And finally, there is definitely not a shortage of Christmas outfits in this house :) 

I just love dressing these little bunnies up!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

North Pole Breakfast

This is our first year with our elf!  I wanted to do the elf last year but I thought that Brynn was still a little bit young for it and the whole concept.  So...THIS was the year and I was so excited!

Our elf arrived the day after Thanksgiving with a fancy North Pole Breakfast.  Brynn woke up that morning and when she walked out of her room into the kitchen I turned the lights on and we were all surprised to see a fancy breakfast for her.  She originally thought that this was sent from Santa.  While she was eating and enjoying her breakfast, there was a knock at the front door.  We ran to see who it was and when we opened the door there was a package on the front porch addressed to Brynn from the North Pole.  ( we had kept it in the freezer over night so it was extra cold)  She was very excited to open it and discover that Santa had sent us our very own elf.

We quickly went to the couch to read the story and name our elf.  Brynn chose the name Puffy.  Not sure where in the world that came from but I find it quite cute.  I guess cause it is the first time she has thought and named something all by herself.

So far Puffy has been up to quite a bit of mischief...

 and we have been having a lot of fun with this new little holiday tradition.