Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend recap

Was a pretty uneventful day.  

We watched my moms dog all week while she was out of town and Brynn had a great time with him swimming, giving him checkups, having tea parties and naps among many other shenanigans together.  

We woke up and dropped Jolie off at my moms so that we could take Brynn to the Home Depot little builders.  We have been doing this since August and she seems to really enjoy it.  It is outdoors so we leave Jolie at home since it is STILL 90 degrees! ugh.  This weekend they made a jet for Veterans day.

That night was all about the Bama LSU game and we were pumped!  We decided to make it a cheat night...both kids in, wings, beer and football.  I guess you could say it was our date night cause thats about as eventful as it gets these days ;)

It was a big WIN for Bama!  LS-Whoooo?  Roll Tide!

Jolie slept from 8:30 to 6 for the second time this week which had me singing all kinds of praises this morning.  Im really hoping this becomes more frequent.  But probably not now that I typed it out.  We spent the morning still celebrating. 

And lots of Sunday cleaning.  

We watched the Dolphins game during nap time while some beef stew cooked in the crockpot and filled the house with all kinds of fall cozy smells.  Now if only the weather would cooperate!

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