Monday, November 30, 2015


We had another wonderful Thanksgiving for the books.
We woke up and continued our tradition of cinnamon turkey rolls, to which Brynn looked only slightly more impressed than last year ;)  

We spent the morning on the couch watching the parade and sipping our coffee from our holiday mugs.  Brynn entertained us by copying all the dancing from the tv.   Such a little performer.

I got the girls all dressed up in these adorable matching Gobble outfits that I scooped up months ago when I saw they came in both girls sizes.  I couldn't get enough of how adorable they both looked.  Definitely more pictures of Jolie than Brynn this year...could be because she is a lot more cooperative and all I gotta do it look at this girl and she is all smiles.  Brynn on the other hand is hard to keep up with these days!

We drank wine and cooked the day away, even Brynn got in on the helping.

Dinner was delicious as usual.  Brynn made sure that even the dogs got a little Thanksgiving too.

It was so fun to see how excited she was about the day, telling everyone Happy Thanksgiving and screaming "Your feast is readyyyyyyy!"  She even announced the blessing for everyone all by herself and told us that pilgrims and Indians ate their feast together after they sailed to America on the Mayflower.  (Thanks Charlie Brown Thanksgiving ;) )  She is too much!

So thankful for this wonderful family of mine that God has blessed me with.  And thankful that we got to share it this year with our newest little family member who totally completes us.

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