Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jolie - 3 months

Wee-Month Three!

Time just keeps on keepin' on and our little Jolie is three months old.  Gosh, I don't think I could be more in love with her!  She is the absolute sweetest little soul!  We just had our three month checkup and all is well with Jo.  Thank you Jesus!  She is definitely.. so far a little peanut, only in the 6th percentile...which is looking like she is taking after her tiny mama in that department.

We had a really rough month with tummy troubles, still.  We ruled out the milk allergy since the allergy milk did not help.  They put her on zantac for acid reflux which was their next guess...and that seemed to help for like two, three weeks.  Then...the crying came back.  The full on screaming for hours on hours on hours. Every. Single. Day.  I could not console her or put her down and I felt just awful for her and her pain...and at the same time found myself losing it in a major way.  After researching and researching helplessly I read about baby probiotics and how they help with colic, gas and constipation.  We went out and bought them the next day and my God she is a completely different baby!  No crying at all in a week!  Smiling and laughing all day long.  It's amazing!  As sad as I am that it took this long to get her to be a happy baby, I am just happy that all is well now.  

Baby Stats:
Birth 7lbs 5 oz
3 months: 13 lbs

birth: 18inches
3 months: 22 inches

Still a light blue/grey

Hair: light brown, new hair growth looks even lighter like a sandy blondish.

After switching off the milk protein allergy formula we are now on Honest Company's organic formula and eating 5 oz every 3 to 4 hours.

Sleep: Now that tummy troubles are gone...napping has started and its glorious.  Jolie takes about three naps a day and passes out for the night around 8-9.  She is sleeping 7 hour stretches and a few 8 hour ones...usually waking between 4 and 5 and then going back down until between 6:30 and 7.
I started putting Brynn in her crib at 3 months but for some reason I still am just not quite ready for her to leave my room just yet.

Firsts: Meeting your great-grandparents, Honey and Pops.
First walks in the stroller with sissy.

Milestones: Cooing.  Making the sweetest little sounds all day long.
Just started reaching out to bat toys hanging from your play mat.
Giggles! Oh the giggles.  Your giggles are like this little raspy cough and I could just eat them up.

Favorites:  Bath time, lotion massages.

Hates: Carseat...still.  Being left alone with no one in sight for too long.

Dearest Jolie,

I cannot believe you are three months.  Gone is your teeny tiny little newborn self, you are looking more like a baby with each passing day.  Those little cheeks and thighs are filling out...and that double chin when you smile so hard...ugh. I just love everything about you.  You are perfectly perfect!

You are so much more alert these days.  You are constantly looking for someone and wanting any and all attention.  You, little miss..are most certainly a ham.  Smiling is your favorite.  You do it all day long...all anyone has to do is just look at you and oh. the. smiles!  You smile with your whole entire face and gosh, its my favorite.  Such a little dream boat you are.

You love to be held, cuddled and rocked.  Some of my most favorite times are with you in the rocking chair and your sister sitting in your crib, her and I singing disney princess songs to you while you drift off to sleep.  Its in those times that I sit back and think wow, this is some life I have.

We love you to the moon & back our little Jo Jo Bean.
Mommy & Daddy

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