Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween Eve

Halloween eve was spent carving pumpkins.  Like pretty much everything else Brynn obviously doesn't remember doing this last year...but this year was pretty excited about it.  We opted for a simple classic jack-o-lantern face.  Brynn enjoyed trying to help Steve cut the face out and even doing her share of scooping out the insides.  Girl is never afraid of getting a little messy. Little Jo Bean sat pumpkin-side and watched all the festivities.  Uncle Troy came over and we ordered pizza and hung out afterwards.


We woke up and made a spooky breakfast of fruit kabobs and mummy sausages.  

We spent the day laying around, getting dinner ready and watching Hocus Pocus.  Around 4:30 my parents, grandparents, brother and his girlfriend all came over for some chili, cornbread and drinks.  They enjoyed seeing the girls get ready in their costumes and watched them trick or treat. 

Our costumes this year would not have been MY first pick, but I guess it can't always be my way ;)  Steve has been begging to be a pirate for years so I figured it was time to give in.  So that, paired with Brynn's recent pirate and tinker bell fascination we went with the Peter Pan theme.  Steve was Captain Hook, I was Peter Pan, Brynn was Tinkerbell and Jolie was little Tigerlily.

Brynn loved getting dressed up and the part that rocked her sweet world the most was getting to wear eye shadow and blush :)  We practiced all our trick or treat manners all month and she did great at remembering exactly what to do.  She was a pro!  

I can't believe it came and went so quickly.  Today is Monday....and we need all the coffee! And turkey pajamas...cause it's November! 

And the most wonderful time of year is upon us and that just makes me giddy inside!

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