Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Brynn 2 1/2 year update

It's been quite awhile since I did a Brynn update and I need to get it all down for memories sake.  These days seem to all roll into one big blur lately and I don't want to ever forget this age.  Brynn suddenly seems one million times bigger and older to me these days.  Having a newborn has suddenly made me realize that she is not so baby, and well that makes me want to go hide in the closet and cry.  I know I say this all the time, but really, where DOES the time go!  Two and half! How can it be?  

That being said, this age is the best! I would love to just freeze time and keep her this age forever.  At two and half Brynn is just the sweetest, funniest thing.  She is so caring, thoughtful, helpful and equal parts sass.  She is so interested in anything and everything around her, always wanting to watch what you are doing...and then of course help.  She is so,so helpful, always following me around like my little sidekick, right there to sweep beside me, put the clothes into the dryer, pull up a chair and help  me cook dinner.  Always saying "I'lllllll help you, I got it!"

Her vocabulary continues to amaze me daily.  It seems like every day she is coming up to me with something new that literally has me in shock.  I think I am loving this age the most so far because it just so awesome to watch this little person suddenly be able to communicate with you in full sentences, carry on a conversation and share thoughts.  Just the best.

Stats: 3 feet 1 inches
Weight: 34 lbs

Some of my current favorites conversations:

"You wanna sit with me mama, wanna cuddle?"
Asking her if she can help me, or get something/do something "Yep, I suuuuuure can!"
Wanting something I have, a sip of my drink etc "Mom, you shaaare, okaaaay, share."
Me using the bathroom, Brynn grabs my face "I'm soooo proud of you, that's such a good girl!"
Brushing my hair for me "I'll do your hairstyles, make you look so beautiful, like Rapunzel."
Giving her a braid in her hair the other day, she runs to look in the mirror, runs her hand down the braid and says "Wow, this is a dream come true!"

Hit or miss with this girl, what she likes one day will be yucky the next.  Some current things that seem to be on "good list" are strawberries, black berries, plums.  Cheese sticks, apple juice, orange juice.  Has been on a major sandwich kick lately, always asking for a peanut buttersss sandwich and then just ultimately takes it apart and disects it and ooo's and ahhhh's saying "wowww its a triangle, that's amazing!"  Dinner, we are still kind of on a meat strike, she pretty much just eats the sides or toppings for things.

Sleep: We transitioned to the big girl bed right after her second birthday (more on that later) pretty seamlessly.  Bedtime is now 7:45 and sleeps to basically 7.  Still napping every afternoon for about 2-3 hours.

Favorite things:
Like most toddler girls princesses are everything right now.  I always try to figure out who her favorite is but it seems like it changes week to week.  We were on a Belle kick, but for the last two weeks we have been having to watch Cinderella several times a day.  She also loves to pretend she is princess Aurora.  She lays on the couch and pretends she is sleeping, we have to kiss her to wake her up, and then sing once upon a dream while she twirls around the house.  Her all time favorite thing to do is put on a dress and pretend she is going to the ball and then bow to me or her dad and say "May I have this dance!"  She loves to be outside and will ask all day.  She just learned how to ride her scooter and pedal her bike all by herself.   Looking for lizards, dragonflies and butterflies are her favorite.  She can swim in our pool for hours and never get tired of it.  She just learned how to go under and hold her breath and swim from the stairs to one of us and back, and she will do this over and over regardless of how blood shot her little eyes are getting.

Becoming a sister:
I know I have mentioned it a lot lately but she is just the best sister.  Jolie is the world to her, and she is so incredibly proud of her.  She tells anyone and everyone who will listen about her little Jo Bean.  It will never get old seeing her pet her, kiss her, hold her and talk to her in her little baby voice calling her a "preshhhus guuuwwl, pretty guuuwl"  Or screaming "She looookin at me, sissy lookin at me!"  

At the end of the day I could write pages and pages about just how much I love this girl.  There just aren't enough words in the world to describe my love.  The days are long, and we definitely have our share of "two-nager" moments, but it's never anything a few hugs, smooches and couch cuddles can't cure.  Yep, 2 1/2 has been pretty sweet.

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