Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Life with a newborn has me scrambling to fit everything in these days.  We are running way behind on all the festive things we usually have done by now.  We are usually the people at the pumpkin patch the weekend it opens...and I had grand plans on going to a new one this year that is about 45 minutes away.  Well, it all never happened...and we just got to the pumpkin patch yesterday afternoon.

It was a bit of a shit show to say the least.  The morning started with Brynn's 2 1/2 year doctors appointment.  She got a shot, and was well behaved so we went to the park afterwards.  Well, sister did not want to leave the park and threw a tantrum of epic proportions.  That was followed by a little teeny tiny 45 minute nap...which resulted in an afternoon cranky pants.  I managed to cheer her up and get the girls dressed and head out.  

Well, heres fall in was a steaming 90 degrees out...with humidity like no other.  My kids were done in about five minutes. Blood red cheeks...soaking wet hair and melt downs galore.  Brynn managed to have fun before the heat took over and I ended up with about five decent pictures out of the dozens I took. The trip ended with me coaxing Brynn out of the patch with candy corn and Steve feeding Jolie a bottle in the front seat of the car with air blasting on her.  Oh well, this is real life folks.  The pumpkin patch is checked off the festive fun list and we are carving pumpkins at the grandparents tonight!

One more day til Halloween....Happy Halloween Eve!

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