Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Life with a newborn has me scrambling to fit everything in these days.  We are running way behind on all the festive things we usually have done by now.  We are usually the people at the pumpkin patch the weekend it opens...and I had grand plans on going to a new one this year that is about 45 minutes away.  Well, it all never happened...and we just got to the pumpkin patch yesterday afternoon.

It was a bit of a shit show to say the least.  The morning started with Brynn's 2 1/2 year doctors appointment.  She got a shot, and was well behaved so we went to the park afterwards.  Well, sister did not want to leave the park and threw a tantrum of epic proportions.  That was followed by a little teeny tiny 45 minute nap...which resulted in an afternoon cranky pants.  I managed to cheer her up and get the girls dressed and head out.  

Well, heres fall in was a steaming 90 degrees out...with humidity like no other.  My kids were done in about five minutes. Blood red cheeks...soaking wet hair and melt downs galore.  Brynn managed to have fun before the heat took over and I ended up with about five decent pictures out of the dozens I took. The trip ended with me coaxing Brynn out of the patch with candy corn and Steve feeding Jolie a bottle in the front seat of the car with air blasting on her.  Oh well, this is real life folks.  The pumpkin patch is checked off the festive fun list and we are carving pumpkins at the grandparents tonight!

One more day til Halloween....Happy Halloween Eve!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween festivities

I can't believe that Halloween is in three more days!  This month really flew.  We have been having a blast getting festive around these parts...with crafts, playdates, cute outfits and costume making!  I still feel like there is so much that I want to fit in before Saturday!

Last week we went to our towns fall festival and had a blast.  Brynn picked out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, played some carnival games, pet some animals in the petting zoo and went on a hay ride.  She just loved these horses.

We also had our Halloween playdate party with our playgroup friends.  We just love these kiddos.  We have been getting together since the kids were tiny for little holiday playdate parties and the kids just love it.  It has turned out to be such a sweet tradition.

Brynn has been having a blast doing Halloween crafts during our school time, and playing little festive games like this costume matching game.  I taught her the song five little pumpkins last week and its the sweetest thing to hear her singing it at night on the baby monitor.

We made this little witch and we take off one link of hair each day to countdown till Halloween.

I try to incorporate lots of fun cooking projects for each holiday.  Brynn really enjoys being in the kitchen, helping and snacking along the way.

As far as costumes go we picked out what we were going to be about two months ago.  Brynn could not be more excited about it.  I love how she is just as excited about everyone else's costumes as she is her own.  I love carrying on my moms tradition of making the costumes.  We always went to the store together and picked out all the fabric and materials.  I had so much fun doing that this year again with Brynn and her being so involved and interactive.  I'm pretty sure this is the very best age.

And we can't forget matching pajamas, and cutesy Halloween clothes on the daily! Having girls is way to much fun!

We have so much to do the rest of the week.  I have to put the finishing touches on our costumes.  Take the girls to the pumpkin patch to take pictures together, make some neighbor gifts and get things ready for my grandparents to come into town.  They are coming to meet Jolie for the first time and see the girls in their costume and watch Brynn trick or treat :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

T W O months-Jolie

Wow, two months already!  While it feels like time is feels like forever and a day ago that I was writing Jolie's birth story.  Looking back at her one month update and pictures, this little lady has changed so much...most notably in the cheeks department. All the heart eyes for those chubby little cheeks!

Jo turned two months today, but had her well checkup on Monday.  She is now over ten pounds!  Quite a bit smaller still than her sister was at this age.  All was well at our checkup, just trying to solve some tummy troubles that she had been having this month.  We are having her tested to see if she has the same milk allergy that her sister had, however the past two days she has seemed very happy, content and knock on wood, maybe her little digestive system was still maturing and has worked it all out now.

Dearest Jolie,

Here we are, two months with you in our lives and a part of our family.  We are more in love with you every single day.  This past month has been pretty rough, as you have not been very content at all.  Gas and tummy troubles have had you in a tizzy, wiggling all over with discomfort and screaming out in pain.  Sadly, this has brought back awful memories of your sisters first three months of life before we found out about her milk allergy.  I thought about this the whole time I was pregnant..scared and really hoping that you would never have to experience the same pain.  We are having you tested for a milk allergy and will put you on the same milk Brynn was on if you do test positive.  The past three days though you have seemed like a new baby! Night and day, happy, napping away, smiling away...content to just sit by yourself.  This has also made me feel like a new mama! Everyone is happier when Jolie is happy!  Fingers crossed your little tummy has worked out its issues all on its own.

Your sister continues to adore you more with each passing day.  You are very good at tolerating all her million and one smooches she gives you a day...along with heavy head "petting" and nose poking. She is constantly going over to you and talking to you in her sweet baby voice, asking to hold you and doing anything and everything to get you to smile.  Speaking of smiles, you did that for the first time this month...and oh my stars! There is nothing cuter.  Brynn actually got your first smiles and that made my mama heart burst with happiness for your two.  She was so darn excited. 

You are way more alert these past few weeks.  You get noticeably happy when we appear in your vision...smiling away.  You have started to make this little sound...not a cry..just little outbursts as if to say hey...remember me over here, and as soon as we come talk to you or get you, you are happy again.  You spent much of the past month being held and are definitely a snuggler.  In the middle of the night after your feedings when I am burping you, you will move your head around frantically trying to find the nook of my neck.  Once you do, you immediately let out a heavy sigh and these sweet little sleeping coos. 

I  know all to well know how fast these baby days go now.  I find myself constantly trying to take everything in a little more and a little longer.  Studying your tiny features, and trying to memorize every sweet detail about you.  You are absolute perfection my sweet girl.

We love you to the moon & back,
Mommy & Daddy

Weight: 10lbs 4 oz
Height: 22 inches
Eye color: blue/grey
Sleep:  You have been a nap fighter allll month, just catnapping the day away until the past two days. You are definitely happier sleeping in my arms, and though I have a million and one things to do...I try to soak this in. I will say though that it is from all your tummy troubles this month and just being uncomfortable.  However, at night time you are a rock star, eating your last meal around 8:30 or 9 and sleeping until 3 or 4 and then waking for the day between 7 and 8.  

Feeding:  You are still eating around the clock every three hours sometimes sooner.  You are still a snacker and often leave an ounce or two left in the bottle and will come back to it in an hour or so to finish it off.

Diaper size:  I am sure you could still fit in newborns, but we ran out and had a bunch of size ones stocked up so we just moved on to those and they are pretty roomy.

Clothes size:  Still in mostly newborn clothes, newborn jammies are starting to get a little short, I started pulling out all our 0-3 stuff and am excited to dress you up in all your sisters cute hand me downs and of course matching you both.  My absolute favorite.

Hair color:  dark brown

Eye color: Blue/grey

Loves:  Being held, eating the day away, baths, lotion massages after bath time.

Hates: The carseat, the bright sun when I take you outside.

Milestones:  SMILES! Oh the smiles, more and more everyday and I could just melt every single time.  I can never get enough. Your face just lights up and that smile takes up your entire sweet face.  Also starting to make little sounds when you are happy...tiny little coos.

Favorite toy: Not really toys yet, but the Swing, paci are favorites of yours...the little birds hanging from your swing and the mirror are grabbing your attention too now.

Happy two months Jo, we love you so so much!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Life with two

We are almost two months in to this whole life with two kids thing and I am just now getting around to writing about it.  This is definitely a crazy, crazy season of life and I don't want to forget about this time.  I am sure one day I will look back on this and laugh at how I thought these were the hard times, but boy it sure does seem that way many days.

The whole time I was pregnant I could not wait to meet Jolie, I could not wait to hold 
my newborn and snuggle, I could not wait to give Brynn a sister.  But...all the while I was extremely nervous.  We had a pretty good thing going over here.  Brynn was two...becoming more independent each day.  We had our little daily routine....and life was easy. Life was good.  We slept...we slept every night.  I had a good break every afternoon while Brynn napped for three hours.  The day consisted of me and Brynn just going about the day...playing dolls, tea party...doing school time, play dates.  You know just two girls having fun day in and day out.  In the back of my mind I was very nervous about the craziness of two kids.  The craziness it would bring to our house, and how I was going to manage taking care of a newborn that constantly needed my attention and a toddler that was used to her being the center of my whole day.  What would I do when Brynn needed me and Jolie needed me at the same time?

Fast forward seven weeks and I really don't have the answers to those questions still.  It is crazy.  Crazier than I even imagined.  Upon coming home Jolie slept all day, and that made it easier than it is now. But then, Brynn went through a little jealous period.  She has never showed any jealousy toward her sister, and is only anything but the sweetest ever towards her.  Thank God.  But, towards me, different story.  It was as if she was mad at me, she wouldn't talk to me, she was defiant, she was sassy, she was causing trouble on purpose.  This really took a toll on me.  All I could do was cry about what had happened to my sweet little girl?  I tried to remind myself that this was a big transition in her life, a big adjustment period and this was all normal....and like with all things, was just a phase.  It would pass.  And it did, after about two week of pure chaos.  I am happy to say that she is back to her normal happy sweet self, and I could not be happier about that.

At the same time that this new adjustment was happening, Brynn has decided that she wants to use the potty and no more diapers for her.  It really isn't the ideal time but I knew I had to take her lead.  That has been pretty chaotic.  It pretty much seems like anytime I am feeding Jolie, or Jolie is crying is when Brynn needs to potty.  Off I go, holding a newborn in one arm and trying to pull Brynn's pants and undies down, and pick her up to sit her on the potty with the other arm.   It's in those moments that the struggle is real.

7 weeks into this whole life with two kids and most days still feel like a whirlwind.  I find myself at the end of the day wondering how I made it through the day.  And each day we survive, I consider it a victory.  We spend many days in pajamas...and the tv is on way more than I would like, but I keep telling myself it will get easier.

I am trying to remind myself daily that these newborn days are gone so quickly, and pretty soon I will be looking back at all these pictures of this squishy newborn on my camera roll, crying and wondering how the time went by so quickly.  I am trying to just soak in the cuddles, and let the mess sit there.  THAT is hard for me, but I am trying.  I am trying to make every moment count with Brynn and fit in as much one on one time as possible.  It isn't always for very long, but I know it means the world to her when we get a little time do a craft or puzzle.  I know my feelings of sadness over feeling like I am not enough for her right now are only in my head, but its hard not to feel guilty about having to say "in a minute" or "after I am done feeding your sister" a million times a day.  

But at the end of the day, we always survive.  Though the day may seem super chaotic....somehow we survive.  Nighttime always comes, and the end of the day snuggles spent on the couch with my two girls remind me what its all about.  The days are long, but the years are short.  And, that is the truth!  I know we will find our groove and some sort of routine in time, but for now I am choosing to embrace the chaos with these two girls of mine.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Girls Rooms

I was so excited to be able to decorate Jolie's nursery.  With Brynn we were in such transiton, we had just moved into a town house the week she was born, while we continued our home search.  Everything was so chaotic and I never got the opportunity to take my time and enjoy decorating a little girl nursery.  It wasn't until we got into our new house and Brynn was around 8 months that I finally was able to finish her room.  In sitting down to do a post about Jolie's nursery I realized that I don't think I ever posted pictures of Brynn's.  Her nursery was such a labor of love and I never want to forget it.  So first pictures of Brynn's room.

I always knew I wanted a white wrought iron crib.  I just love how different, feminine and vintage looking they are.  I always had an all white vision for her room and so I went with all white bedding, canopy, drapes, and furniture.  My mom and I had stenciled and painted this wall together, took us like a week, but I just love it.   Steve built the cornaces for the canopy and window treatments and my mom and I sewed her curtains.

This little wooden vanity was my moms when she was little, then mine and now Brynns.  It was in pretty rough shape, so Steve sanded it down, repainted it and brought it back to life.

I love how feminine and sweet her nursery was.  It was always my favorite room in the house.

Fast forward two years and it was time to decorate another little girl nursery for our sweet Jolie.  For her room I went in a whole different direction.  Pink, gold and mint are her colors and I was pretty surprised by how much pink ended up being in this room.  We transferred Brynn's crib over to the nursery, and reused her bumper, dyed the crib skirt pink, and I bought a new crib sheet that incorporated all the colors.

We started with the dresser, which was my moms.  Steve sanded it down and painted it this pretty mint color.  I pretty much pulled the rest of my inspiration for the crib sheet.

I had seen these prints above the dresser and fell in love with them, but not the price tag.  I decided to DIY them and change the colors to match the room and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.

This rug was originally in Brynn's room, until I changed hers out for the one she has now.  It ended up working perfectly in here.  Steve's dad pitched in to buy us this beautiful rocking chair.  I had never ended up buying one with Brynn and always really regretted it, especially when my back was burning from all that rocking and swaying standing up in the middle of the night.

I always loved Brynn's big "B" above her crib and knew I wanted Jolie's initial above hers as well.  After looking through pinterest I fell in love with this idea and was pretty pleased with how this DIY project turned out.

Two totally different rooms, but equally as sweet.  They are definitely the prettiest rooms in my house, and they were definitely the most fun to decorate.