Monday, September 28, 2015

Jo's first bath

I have been waiting and waiting for Jo's little umbilical cord to fall off so that we could finally give this girl a bath!  After what felt like foreverrrrrr it finally decided to come off just four days shy of one month.  I definitely found myself one million times less nervous this time around.  I remember being so scared last time and even youtubing how to bathe a newborn ;)

Brynn was so excited for her to have a bath and we decided to let the first time be together.  Brynn has definitely been a tad jealous and I can tell feels a little left out, so I am trying to include her in all that I can.  After many, many directions that she had to be calm, and gentle and no splashing we dove right in.  Jolie was pretty calm, not really crying until the very end when it was time to get out and she got cold.

Brynn was such a good listener and little helper.  She wanted to help every step of the way, washing with the washcloth and scrubbing her hair....down to filling up her cup and getting ready to dump it on her head to get the shampoo out..."Tilt your head back sissyyyy!"  Quick save by mommy!   It was very sweet how gentle she was though.  It was definitely quick, in and out, but I forgot just how delicious a squeaky clean, lotioned up babe in jammies is. Yum Yum.

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