Monday, September 28, 2015

Jolie- O N E month

Ummm how has it been one month already??? This seems totally impossible! It really feels like I was in the hospital just a week ago.  This last month has certainly been a whirlwind and I consider each day that we survive a victory! Jolie's first two weeks of life she spent most of her days sleeping and eating like most newborns. The past week or so she has been awake a lot more and a lot more alert. We have been enjoying seeing her finally start to lock eyes and take notice of all us.

We feel like Jolie is the perfect little addition to this family of ours and she could not be more loved. Her sister absolutely adores her and showers her with about a million smooches and love pats each and every day.   I find myself often looking at the two of them and wondering how is this my life? How did I get so wonderfully blessed?

Dearest Jolie,

You have already been with our family for one whole month, and yet it seems like I was just holding you in my arms for the first time just yesterday. This month has flown by, and after having your sister I now know all too well how fast these sweet newborn days pass.  I am crazy busy these days, and scattered brained and sometimes find myself not knowing how I survived the day....but in the quiet hours in the middle of the night when it's just me and you I find myself really soaking up every little part of you. Studying your tiny little features and stroking your sweet little cheeks. You are just too precious for words.

We are so grateful to God that he chose us to be your parents. We are absolutely head over heels in love with you. And your sister, well you are just her most prized pocession. She is so proud of you and her new title of big sister. She is so quick to show you off to any and all visitors. She even tells strangers in the store all about you.  Her love for you makes my heart just want to burst at the seems. I can't wait to see you two playing dolls and tea party together.

We love you to the moon & back,
Mommy & Daddy

Weight: 8lbs 5oz
Eye color: blue

Sleep:  The first two weeks you slept allll day and woke up every two to three hours at night.  Towards the end of the month you are awake much more during the day, sleep mostly when being held.  You are now sleeping even better at night, a 5 to 6 hour stretch making it until about 3 am for your first feeding and then waking for the day around 6:30 or 7.

Our day:  You wake up around 6:30 or 7, usually around the same time as your sister.  I feed you then lay you in the swing to get my coffee and breakfast going for your sister.  We normally all cuddle on the couch,  watch cartoons and hang out for awhile.  I try to lay you in the swing while I pick up and get everyone dressed. The rest of the day is filled with cuddling you and feeding you in between one million trips to the bathroom (potty training sister) and just multitasking like I never thought possible.  

Feeding:  We pretty much feed every 3 hours on the dot around the clock until bed time.  Then you go for ar 5 hour stretch, followed by a 3 hour stretch.  You are a little snacker and just eat a little then fall asleep or decide you are done and then will take a little bit more a little later.  You are also the slowest eater of allll time, you definitely take your sweet time.

Diaper size:  we are still in newborns :)

Clothes size:  Newborn and they are finally fitting you just right.  I tried to pull out some of our cute 0-3 stuff but its still just too big.

Hair color:  dark brown

Eye color: At birth your eyes were a deep royal blue and now seem to be lightening a bit.

Firsts:  Your umbilical cord fell off finally after a little more than 2 weeks and we gave you your first bath. You are so calm and quiet as can be during bath time.  You seem to really love it.

Milestones:  You are now starting to focus in on things.  You are noticing the little birds on your swing and are starting to turn your head towards us when we talk to you.

Favorite toy: We aren't playing with any toys yet obviously, but we can say for certain that you love your paci, that is for sure.  You want it 247 but can quite keep it in and let us know as soon as it falls out.  It has definitely become quite the chore ;)

Happy one month Jo, we love you so so much!

Jo's first bath

I have been waiting and waiting for Jo's little umbilical cord to fall off so that we could finally give this girl a bath!  After what felt like foreverrrrrr it finally decided to come off just four days shy of one month.  I definitely found myself one million times less nervous this time around.  I remember being so scared last time and even youtubing how to bathe a newborn ;)

Brynn was so excited for her to have a bath and we decided to let the first time be together.  Brynn has definitely been a tad jealous and I can tell feels a little left out, so I am trying to include her in all that I can.  After many, many directions that she had to be calm, and gentle and no splashing we dove right in.  Jolie was pretty calm, not really crying until the very end when it was time to get out and she got cold.

Brynn was such a good listener and little helper.  She wanted to help every step of the way, washing with the washcloth and scrubbing her hair....down to filling up her cup and getting ready to dump it on her head to get the shampoo out..."Tilt your head back sissyyyy!"  Quick save by mommy!   It was very sweet how gentle she was though.  It was definitely quick, in and out, but I forgot just how delicious a squeaky clean, lotioned up babe in jammies is. Yum Yum.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Brynn meets Jolie

Pretty much my whole pregnancy I daydreamed about the first time Jolie and Brynn would meet.  I dreamed about what Brynn would do when she walked in, how she would react.  Picturing her holding her and kissing her always brought tears to my eyes.  So..needless to say I could NOT wait for the day for Brynn to come visit and meet her new little best friend.

The day after Jolie was born my mom brought her to the hospital.  Steve walked out to meet them in the hallway and walk in with her.  As soon as she walked in the room she said "Where's my babyyyy?"  I held her out and said "She is right here, here is your sister!"  Her first response was, "I wanna hold her!!!!"  She climbed up on the bed and immediately held her.  She went on and on about how little she was, how tiny her fingers and toes were....and pretty much squealed in her baby talk the whole time saying " Hiiiii sister!" 

Any nurse or doctor who walked into the room was immediately told by Brynn " This is myyyyy baby or this is myyyyy sister!"  All these comments were always followed by her telling everyone who came in contact with her to be verrrry careful, she is veryyy fragile!  

Seriously melt my heart. 

She probably declared about 20 times that she wanted to hold her sister.  Over and over again.  She would hold her for about one minute before she asked every other person in the room "You wanna hold her?" Such a nice sharer :)

I could not have been more pleased with the way their first meeting went.  Brynn was thrilled, over the top excited.  She probably gave her sister about a million smooches.  My mama heart wanted to explode seeing my little family of four together for the first time.  We are so incredibly blessed.  I cannot believe this is my life.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Jolie's birth story

Well, I guess little Miss Jolie had plans all of her own, and decided she was going to surprise us several days early.  My actual due date was August 25th and my scheduled c-section date was August 19th.

That Friday, August 14th...we were going about our usual morning routine.  Brynn and I woke up, I had my coffee, fixed her breakfast and we were lounging on the couch watching cartoons.  We ended up having a pretty lazy morning which led into the early afternoon.  Steve finished his work early that day and joined us for couch snuggles.  I had been having braxton hicks contractions for a couple weeks so I wasn't really thinking anything of the ones that had been coming and going.  Around 12:15 while laying on the couch I felt a pop.  I can only compare it to feeling like a rubber band snapped inside of me.  I immediately said outloud, whoa! what was that!  Steve's reaction..."what?"  I said " I think maybe my water just broke."  So I decided to go to the bathroom.  While walking there I could feel the water trickling out but nothing like the gush that you see in the movies. So, I was still puzzled.  Did or didn't my water just break?!?!  I was scheduled for a doctors appointment that afternoon at 2:00 so I went ahead and placed a call before they went on lunch to see what I should do.  They told me to go ahead and go to the hospital.

This of course set me into somewhat panic mode.  I don't really like surprises and I am totally a planner.  This was not supposed to happen today, but hey I guess babies make their own plans.  I immediately called my mom and she came straight over.  I laid Brynn down for her nap, which totally made me emotional.  I didn't know this would be the time I would be leaving her.  I needed more time to be emotionally prepared for that I felt like.  It felt wrong kissing her before nap knowing I was leaving her for three days and she didn't have a clue what was going on.  I had decided that it was not a good time to tell her that I was leaving to the hospital right at that moment.  All my leaving for doctors appointments lately had been giving her anxiety and I didn't want to freak her out and leave.  We ended up having my mom tell her that sissy surprised us and it was time for her to come when she woke up from her nap.  Worked out perfectly and she was nothing but happy.
My mom assured me a million times everything would be fine and in the end she was right.

We proceeded to pack up last minute things and tie up all the lose ends before heading out. All the while I was leaking more and more and becoming convinced that indeed, my water had broke.  We finally headed out for the hospital and ended up getting there around 1:00.  They immediately admitted me, got me a bed, hooked up the monitors and started my IV.  Things were happening very quickly.  Just as quickly as I had gotten there did my contractions start and pretty soon they were steady at every two minutes and very painful to the point where I could not speak at all, only hunch over in pain until they passed.  This was all new to me, when I had Brynn I just went in for my c-section... no labor, no contractions.. nothing.  The nurse and anethesologist informed me that because I had ate breakfast that morning, I needed to try to be able to make it til' four or risk throwing up during surgery and the possibility of the vomit making its way into my lungs.  This of course freaked me out, and I was praying to make it til four.  It was a loooong few hours but just shortly after four my sweet sweet doctor swung open the curtain and said "whats going on here!!!!"  She was actually on her way to leave for vacation for the weekend with her family and stopped by the hospital first to deliver my baby...Just reaffirming why we love her oh so much.  I am honestly going to miss seeing her every week.

I kissed my mom and Steve goodbye and walked into the operating room where they proceeded to start my epidural.  I remember this being somewhat uncomfortable last time, but this time there was nothing to it.  She was awesome and I really felt nothing at all.  The only difference was having to wait and do it in between contractions, which was a tad nerve wrecking.  Things started quickly from that point.  The curtain went up, and they started the surgery and shortly after Steve was back by my side holding my hand.

 I remember laying there for awhile waiting for that immense pressure I remembered from last time when they try to push the baby out.  Eventually it was time and Steve said my doctor was on top of me with all her weight pushing the baby out, and that's totally what it felt like.  I had to keep reminding myself to breathe because it was that difficult.  A few hard pushes and deep breaths and I heard that sweet scream for the first time at 4:49 pm.  & just like that a flood of a million emotions washed over me all over again.  They held her over the curtain for me to see and I was in love all over again.  The second happiest day of my whole life.

Steve stepped away to cut the cord, and take pictures.  They announced that she was 7lbs 5 oz and I remember being shocked.  Shocked that she was so small compared to her almost 9 lb sister and shocked that just the day before they had estimated at our ultrasound that she was 7lbs 5oz.  Hit the nail right on the head!  Eventually they had her all wrapped up and brought her over for me to love on.  I was assured my entire pregnancy that I would love a second just as much as the first, and everyone was right.  My heart grew and melted all over again.  Instant love.  She was just perfect in every single way.  I never knew my heart could love this much.

Steve and the baby left shortly after and I was left to finish getting sewed up and get some rest in recovery.  Finally at 9:00 I got a room and my sweet Jolie was finally brought to me to nurse. My mom got her loving in and then left to relieve my brother and his girlfriend of their babysitting duties with Brynn so they could come and visit.   By the end of the night I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep, but we all know that is just impossible in hospitals.  By 4am the nurses were in my room having me get up and walk.  The pain wasn't too bad.  Pretty much just as I remembered it from the first time.

We spent the rest of the days in the hospital watching tv, eating food I hadn't had in monthssss, enjoying a few visitors, walking the halls and just oooing and awwwing over our new little girl. Our poor baby had to have her blood sugar tested so many times to make sure it wasn't low from my gestational diabetes and she eventually passed the four tests in a row and we were very thankful for that.  She ended up being a little jaundice towards our last day but just gave us directions to give her a little sunlight and she would be just fine.  Come Monday they gave us the go ahead to go home.  I was both eager and a little sad haha.  I could not wait to get home to Brynn but also knew that this would be when the real work would start.  It was another truly amazing experience.  One I know I will try to relive in my mind for the rest of my life.  It truly is the very best day of your life.

We got home and Brynn was just ecstatic to have her baby sister in her house.  And just in case you were wondering how these two are doing....great!  Lots and lots of kisses, mixed with lots of heavy petting and eye pokes ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

She's Here!

Jolie Aryn 

August 14,2015
4:49 pm
7lbs 5 oz 18inches

...& we are so incredibly in love with our new sweet girl.