Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gulf Shores Beach Trip 2015 Days 1-3

Every year in July we make the 11 hour trip up to my grandparents beach house in Gulf Shores.  It is a place filled with wonderful beach memories for me.  I always went as a child on weekends with my cousin, her family and my grandparents.  Three families cramped in one little tiny beach house, the best memories.  In the years since then my grandparents have upgraded to a larger beach where I have fond memories of getting married to Steve in the back yard overlooking the water at sunset, coming back every year since to celebrate our anniversary and the fourth and now bringing my daughter the past few years.  It is just really, my happy place and seeing how much my husband and now my daughter love this place fills my heart with joy.

The 11 hour trip is something else, but Brynn does pretty darn good for the most part, and once we cross that bridge into beach town...the torture of it almost immediately disappears.

Sitting down to narrow these 15265613 pictures down has been a bit of a chore and if you follow us on instagram (Laurynbecca) you have probably seen quite a few of them already.

This year my parents came, as well as my brother and his girlfriend.  My cousin who lives there was able to get the whole week off of work as well and we were able to spend so much time with her and Brynn's little cousin Adrian.

The first day we set up our camp with all the essentials.  That is the best part...the convenience and being able to set up your tent...chairs, endless sand toys etc and leave them all week.  Just walk back up to the house for naps...and back down to the beach after, day after day.  Only work is refilling that cooler.

What a difference a year makes.  Last year, Brynn loved the beach and had a great time but, this year was just totally different.  She had zero fear of the water!  She wanted to be in there from the second we set foot on the sand until the second we left.  I just couldn't keep her out.  Last year she wanted nothing to do with it, would cry if she was close to it and took a few days before she would even dig remotely near it.

She was also so totally happy to have everyone with her.  This girl loves her family and is so completely happy to be surrounded by all these people that she has wrapped around her finger.  Soaking up all the before bedtime snuggles with her favs.

Our second day, unfortunately was a sad one.  My aunt, my moms sister, my cousins mother had passed away that previous Thursday.  So that morning we had memorial service for her, to remember her and celebrate her life and the special woman that she was.

Day three consisted of, duh...more beach time.  It also happened to be our fourth wedding anniversary.  A good day spent with the ones I love.  I will let the pictures do the talking.  Sorry for the overload.

Just looking at these is giving me serious beach withdrawls.  Days 4 and 5 coming up tomorrow.

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  1. That is awesome she loved the beach and was able to enjoy it this time! I love all the beach pics and I love how little miss is rocking a bow at the beach!