Monday, July 27, 2015

Maternity Pictures. 36 weeks.

Here we are at 36 weeks already.  Less than a month and she will be here.  I don't know how it happened so quickly.  Funny how you can feel like you JUST found out you were pregnant but also feel like you have been pregnant forever.  I seriously feel 400 weeks pregnant.  We are pretty sure that this will be our last little nugget so I am trying to savor all this.  

Brynn has been so sweet lately.  We have spent a lot of time talking about sister and involving her in all the set up.  She is so eager to show everyone who enters our house where sissy will sleep and where she will swing.  She tells everyone that she has to get a little bigger and then she will come.  This week I showed her pictures from when she was born and now she ask me every day when the doctor is gonna pullllll her ouwwwwt and how she is ready to rock her on the tree top. Seriously, sweet.

I was so happy to just take a few sweet pictures to remember this big ol belly and this sweet time in our family's life.

I know I have been no good at documenting this pregnancy.  Pregnacy, tiredness and the daily chasing of a toddler will do that.  But this is real life.

I figured I would do one of these pregnancy surveys that I did all the time last time I was pregnant.  For memories sake, what it was all like here at the very end of pregnancy number two.

How far along: 36 weeks
Weight gain: between 15 and 16 pounds depending on the day.
Stretch marks: no
Maternity clothes: mix of both
Sleep: sleeping really good with exception of potty breaks and flipping to change sides all night. But no insomnia like last time.
Best moment this week:  Getting to see sister girl on the ultrasound this week. 5 1/2 lbs of pure cuteness and taking some maternity pictures to remember this sweet time. Finishing the nursey.  It is all ready and all the finishing touches were done and hung.  Love seeing how it all came together.
Worst moment this week: Can't complain.
Miss anything: Picking things up with my hands instead of my toes haha! Just basically being comfortable and wearing normal clothes.  Not being so darn hot.
Movement: crazy crazy movement.  They say they slow down this far along but there are all kinds of body parts sticking out and rolling around, sometimes so sharp it takes my breath away.
cravings: skinny cow ice cream sandwiches still nightly and super excited for beer and nachos come football season.
Queasy or sick: no
Have you started to show yet: ummm yes!
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: Just lots of braxton hicks.  Had one scary day where they actually hurt and were going around to my back.  That was new.
Belly Button in or out: in
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to:  Baby time in just three weeks.  We have our date and time all set and we are just so excited for this next chapter.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gulf Shores day 4 and 5

Day four was The 4th of July, which is one of my favorite holidays.  The 4th always consists of making a flag cake tradition, the beach, and bbq and fireworks.

That morning, Brynn and I worked together to make our usual flag cake.  We always made this growing up every year and this was the first year Brynn was big enough to help.  & by help I mean eat spoonfuls of whipped cream.

But clearly she was proud of our finished product.

Afterwards, we headed down to the beach for some fun in the sun.  More playing in the waves, digging giant holes and finding crabs to put in our buckets.

And then, lots and lots of watermelon.  & a big ol' 33 week belly.  

Later that afternoon, after naps were had, we decided to change up our usual tradition of bbq ribs for a good ol fashion southern shrimp boil.  It was so easy and so delicious when we just had it for Father's Day... we decided to have another go at it.

Just as delicious as the week before.  

Dinner was followed with a photoshoot of my mini in her Fourth of July best.  Ugh I could just eat her up.

This was the first year that Brynn was also able to make it til' 9 to see the fireworks at the beach.  She was so excited and kept saying "wow, so beautiful, I love it!"

Such an awesome day.

Unfortunately, the next day was rain, rain alllll day long.  So we just spent some time playing inside with cousins and hanging out, doing laundry, and packing up.

It was another great summer vacation for the books.  We are all missing the beach so much and finding it hard to get the pep back in our step!  Can't believe next year we will be a family of four.  

The baby countdown is officially on.  Time to tackle that to do list!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gulf Shores Beach Trip 2015 Days 1-3

Every year in July we make the 11 hour trip up to my grandparents beach house in Gulf Shores.  It is a place filled with wonderful beach memories for me.  I always went as a child on weekends with my cousin, her family and my grandparents.  Three families cramped in one little tiny beach house, the best memories.  In the years since then my grandparents have upgraded to a larger beach where I have fond memories of getting married to Steve in the back yard overlooking the water at sunset, coming back every year since to celebrate our anniversary and the fourth and now bringing my daughter the past few years.  It is just really, my happy place and seeing how much my husband and now my daughter love this place fills my heart with joy.

The 11 hour trip is something else, but Brynn does pretty darn good for the most part, and once we cross that bridge into beach town...the torture of it almost immediately disappears.

Sitting down to narrow these 15265613 pictures down has been a bit of a chore and if you follow us on instagram (Laurynbecca) you have probably seen quite a few of them already.

This year my parents came, as well as my brother and his girlfriend.  My cousin who lives there was able to get the whole week off of work as well and we were able to spend so much time with her and Brynn's little cousin Adrian.

The first day we set up our camp with all the essentials.  That is the best part...the convenience and being able to set up your tent...chairs, endless sand toys etc and leave them all week.  Just walk back up to the house for naps...and back down to the beach after, day after day.  Only work is refilling that cooler.

What a difference a year makes.  Last year, Brynn loved the beach and had a great time but, this year was just totally different.  She had zero fear of the water!  She wanted to be in there from the second we set foot on the sand until the second we left.  I just couldn't keep her out.  Last year she wanted nothing to do with it, would cry if she was close to it and took a few days before she would even dig remotely near it.

She was also so totally happy to have everyone with her.  This girl loves her family and is so completely happy to be surrounded by all these people that she has wrapped around her finger.  Soaking up all the before bedtime snuggles with her favs.

Our second day, unfortunately was a sad one.  My aunt, my moms sister, my cousins mother had passed away that previous Thursday.  So that morning we had memorial service for her, to remember her and celebrate her life and the special woman that she was.

Day three consisted of, duh...more beach time.  It also happened to be our fourth wedding anniversary.  A good day spent with the ones I love.  I will let the pictures do the talking.  Sorry for the overload.

Just looking at these is giving me serious beach withdrawls.  Days 4 and 5 coming up tomorrow.