Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day

Sunday we celebrated this special man, daddy...all day long and it was fantastic.  The few days before Brynn and I spent working on little cards and art projects for Daddy and hiding them to save for "Father's Daysss."  She was all about it, and it was too precious to see her excitement for all the surprises to come.

Saturday afternoon we baked a cake to serve at our Father's day dinner on Sunday.  We did a golf theme cake since that is Papa's thang and I have always wanted to make this cake since I saw it on pinterest a few years back.  My little assistant also doubled as a taste tester ;)

Someones tiny fingers were a little eager as evidenced by the little trail marks through the icing...

Father's Day morning Brynn woke up and I reminded her what day it was and she could not hardly wait to celebrate her daddy.  As soon as he opened the bedroom door she ran open arms to hug him and screaming "happpppyyyy Father's Daaaaaay!!!!"  It was too much!

We started the day by letting him open his presents and going for a little donut date.

I ordered these two loves matching shirts for the occasion about a month ago and couldn't wait to see how cute they looked.

I have probably looked at this picture a million times.  It makes my heart swell times a million.  Gosh, I just love my people so much.

That afternoon my parents, brother and his girlfriend came over for some swimming and a good ol' fashion southern boil.  Doesn't get any better than this.  We had a great time and the food....ughh, so good!

And this patient little girl, finalllyyyyy got her cake.

It was a great day.  Stephen said his best Father's Day yet :)
We are so lucky to have him.  He is truly an amazing dad, so dedicated in providing for us, making sure we always feel loved and treating Brynn like a princess day in and day out.  I hope our girls always know what a wonderful dad they have and how he would would go to the ends of the Earth for us.

Happy Father's Day my love!