Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Oh TWO-dooles! Brynn's Mickey Clubhouse Birthday

We have spent the past week recovering our birthday/Disney high.  It was such a fun birthday celebrated for a whole week long.

We decided that we would do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Disney theme party for Brynn's second birthday.  I'm not necessarily a character birthday person (I know eventually I will have to give into this) but we decided that we were going to take Brynn to Disney for her Birthday and so the theme kinda just fit to mesh it all together.

We went BIG on her first birthday...took me three months to just buy everything and make all the little crafts and finishing touches and I knew this year that was not going to be the case.  Disney was her present, so we decided to have a very low key family simple party on her actual birthday.

We only invited my parents, my brother and his girlfriend (who brought her cousin) and Gena who is basically Brynn's other aunt.  We grilled hot dogs for a little "hot diggity bar" and ordered a Publix Minnie Mouse cake.  We all swam in the pool in the backyard and chowed down.  It was such a simple, RELAXING, happy happy day.  Brynn was on cloud nine!  She yelled to each person who came through the door "haaaaapppyyyy birthday!" 

She totally made out in the gift department this year.  My parents bought her big girl bed (more on that later) and a Cinderella and Ariel doll.  She got some jewelry and a scooter from Uncle Troy and Aunt Nene and a bucket load of clothes, shoes, bathing suits and sunglasses from Aunt Gena.

After being totally into every other family members birthday party this year, she seemed so excited to finally have the happy birthday song sung to her and blow out her own candles.

It was such a fun and happy day with our little TWO year old.  And at the end of her fun day she was just plum tuckered out.  Afterall, it is hard work being two ;)


  1. You did such a good job! I love her little outfit and the themed food! And that last picture with her three blankets!