Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Happenings

We spent almost all of this weekend outside, aside from already being 90 degrees it was gorgeous! Only one teeny tiny little lonely cloud in the whole sky.

Saturday we went to a little family shin dig at Steve's fire station. All the different stations compete against each other in different fire games for awards and trophies while everyone cheers them on.  Afterwards they have a big bbq and activities for the kiddos.

Brynn of course totally lost her marbles when she realized horses were there and took numerous rides around the little circle on both horses. Even after her countless turns riding there were still extreme water works upon leaving them. Girls love of horses runs deeeeeep!

We tried to distract her with a little tour of the fire truck. That was also short lived. Once out of the truck more tears ensued over the horses. We talked about these horses the whole way home. Nearly impossible to console her sweet little soul.

We spent the rest of the weekend swimming in the pool all day and chomping on some fresh watermelon. I'm pretty sure with it already feeling like full on summer over here that this is how we will be spending the rest of the next few months! 

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