Friday, April 24, 2015


T W O year old pictures happened this past week, and I am just so in love with how they turned out.  Perfectly capturing the sweetness that is our little girl.

Just wanted to take the time to jot down some two year old goodness.

Weight: 33lbs (home measurements)
Height: 35 inches (home measurements)

You little missy miss are full of so much personality.  Equal parts spunk and sass.  So kind, loving and such a concern for others and their feelings.  At the same time so independent, wanting to do it all yourself and show us that you can.  You love to get a laugh out of everyone and are always trying your best to make us laugh at you.   

I'm 99.9 % sure you would spend all your time outside if you could.  You absolutely love to swim in the pool, float around...jump off the stairs, have daddy throw you up high in the air.  You love everything about it.  You love to run around the back yard and look for all the lizards that are hiding and squeal with excitement when you finally find you.  You have an absolute love for the water hose and ask daily to go outside and " use hose!"  You love to go for walks in your stroller with Lilly by your side.  Calling out along the way " duuuuucks where are youuu, I'm cominnnn"
If we are inside you like to try to read to Lilly, push Lilly in your baby stroller...pretty much anything that involves torturing I mean loving on your little fur sister.  You love love to rough house, and you can get enough!  Being thrown around, tickled til you can't breathe you name it, the rougher the better.  You are totally into princess movies at the moment and they really suck you in.  Totally in awe.  Favorite game at the moment is hide and probably demand that your dad or I count at least ten times a day.  You hide in the same spot every single time.  Behind the couch cushions if on the couch or behind the pillows if on the bed.

Our once ravenous little piggy monster has offically chillaxed a bit.  You are more of a grazer these days and much prefer snacks throughout the day than to sit and have a big meal.  You are totally into fruit...and that is your go to most of the time.  You are always demanding "mo berries" (more berries) which consist of any kind, but your favorite is strawberries.  You also love love the tiny cutie oranges and can eat me out of house and home when it comes to those babies.  You love to sit at the table with us and are getting very good at saying prayer with us and using your please and thank yous.  Such a fun time together.

You have always been a fabulous sleeper and we will forever be grateful for you consistently giving us a full twelve hours every single night.  You go down at 7:30 and wake at 7:30 just like clock work.  You take one nap a day about 12;30/1 until 3.  You love to go to bed and never ever fight me, in fact many times you ask when its time.  You still love your blankies and your paci.  It will soon be time to give that up, but for now you only get it at nap and bedtime and it makes you so happy to be reunited :)

The way you love bugs and are always wanting to rescue them out of the pool.  How whenever we are going outside...whether it be to take the garbage out, get the mail etc you are right there running behind us screaming "Iiiiiiiimmmmm comiiiiiiin."  How you love love love to help.  The second I say I am cooking or washing dishes you go over to get your little chair and pull it over the counter and then always say "I'll help you!" or "I'll show you!"  You're Miss Manners.  Never ever missing an opportunity to say thank you...and always saying WELCOME! when I tell you thank you.  You love before bedtime snuggles on the couch and will bring me the covers and say "cuddle me, cuddle me!"
I wish I could bottle up this little voice of yours and the way you pronounce things like "weeetle baby."  So stinkin cute.  You have a love love for "wip goss" and are always checking my make up bag and everyones purses for a stash.  The way you love to get dressed up, put on your shoes and bows and then always say "go show daddy!"    You love Grandpa's old car and are always asking daddy to take you for a ride, crying when its time to get out.  The way when we say our dinner time prayers you hold your sweet baby hands together so quietly but always squeal AMEEEEN at the end.  The list could go on and on.  But these are a few of our favorites.


  1. These pictures are beautiful! And a little girl's personality is really the sweetest thing to witness!

  2. These pictures are beautiful! And a little girl's personality is really the sweetest thing to witness!