Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hammock Beach

We just got back from the best little spur of the moment quickie vacation. We were just hangin around the house last week when we got the very best phone call. Steve's family was in town just a few hours away vacationing at the beach and wanted to know if we would come up and join them for weekend in the extra room they had. Well, heck yea we will! And just like than an ordinary week turned awesome!!!

We drove up Thursday after Steve got off of work and came home Saturday.  Brynn was able to meet her little cousin for the first time and it was just precious to watch.  They loved each other instantly and were totally inseparable. I think also the fact that she had the same name as her current favorite princess totally added to the obsession. ;)

We just hung around, laid by the pool, visited the beach, ate good food and enjoyed great company. It was such a nice opportunity to catch up with people we hardly ever get to see.

Waking up to this gorgeous sunrise wasn't too shabby either!

Brynn was just over the moon happy. Just looking at the smile on her face in all these pictures warms my heart. She was just beaming ear to ear the whole weekend.  She woke up both mornings at the crack of dawn saying "seeeee friends!"

Ughhh...take me back.  It was perfection.  The kind of weekend you want to rewind over and over.

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