Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter crept up on us so quickly this year!  I found myself trying to cram in every ounce of festiveness in the week prior.  We spent our days  making some crafts, baking some bunny bait, having a fun egg lunch and dying our eggs.

Brynn enjoyed every bit of it.  She is so involved in every little step of every little thing these days.  Have I mentioned before that this might just be my most favorite age yet?  She is just getting more fun by the day, my little Brynnie girl.

The bunny left this special girl a special little basket complete with some yummy goodies, some bracelets, chalk, play doh, bubbles and some new sand toys. She woke up and followed the egg trail that the bunny left her allllll the way to her basket and took that sucker apart to see all the goods! 

We spent the afternoon at my mom and dad's house with my brother and his girlfriend for an egg hunt and a yummy dinner.  Last year Brynn sat down between each egg to open it up and eat the goodies inside taking her sweet time.  This year, she was running egg to egg collecting them all so carefully in her basket. 

And can we take a moment to just bask in the cuteness that is this Easter dress and crown.  I could just eat her up.  Every single ounce of this baby girl.

It was a beautiful day to spend with family and reflect on our Savior and his sacrifice for us.   And now, with Brynn being at an age where she can talk about Jesus....and how he died and came back, I mean is there anything sweeter in this world than little baby voices talking about Jesus??? I just couldn't be more in love.

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