Wednesday, April 15, 2015

20 weeks and half way there.

It couldn't be more true what they say about the second time around....
How it flies by and you don't even quite realize it, and you don't spend every second thinking about it and documenting every little thing.
I mean life with a toddler is caaah-raa-zyyy. 
How did I even get to 20 weeks already!  It's totally mind blowing.

The mom guilt already sets in a little, knowing that I documented every little thing with my first pregnancy on this blog, and this one, well not so much.  The days are so full and before you know it, it's time for dinner and bath and bed time and frankly my bed time right after that.  Mama is waaay tired come 8:00.  Blogging is something that just kinda gets pushed to the way side at the end of it all.

However, we are totally over the moon about this little girl.  I am so so so excited for our family to grow.  I am so so so excited to hold a snuggly little new born again and smell that sweet baby smell.  My heart could burst with happiness thinking about having two sister girls and the incredible special bond they will have with each other.  

So, here we are at 20 weeks...

I am much much more tired this time around.  I didn't think that would be the case seeing that I used to watch over 20 little ones every day compared to the just one that I care for now, but I am.  I guess being able to check out at 3:00 last time and prop my feet up and veg out for the night and on weekends really does make a difference.

My body hurts ten times more.  My sciatic is really acting up this time...and that shit is no joke.  Can straight up bring you to your knees!  I guess it's this 30 pound princess who loves mamas snuggles.
I am trying to pick Brynn up less and less these days, but sometimes the need for lovins' just outweigh the pain.

We had our 20 week scan last week and everything is going beautifully.  It was so great to get to see her so much bigger these days and moving all around.  It really makes it so much more real.

I'm up around 8 lbs so far, which is pretty spot on to my last pregnancy at this time.  Little girl officially has a name, although just like last time, we have chosen not to share until her birthday and let her name be a surprise.  It just a little something that keeps her day even that more special.  We have nursery colors and furniture picked out and that will start after big sisters birthday next week.

Big things happening over here and life just keeps getting sweeter.  

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